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Mothers and Their Boundless Love: Personal Narrative Essay

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Many people hold their mothers very close to their hearts. Mothers are superheroes and are everything to us. My mother means the world to me. After everything she has been through, she is still the strongest person that I have ever met. My mother has her moments where she finds herself in a weak spot, but she still manages to bring herself up every time. She tries her hardest for our family, taking care of us and doing what's best for me and my siblings. My mother has influenced me the most to work hard at school, even at a job I had before, and at home. She deserves everything in life. After what happened with my brother, she makes an effort to be strong. A mother’s love for her kids is the strongest bond that will never be broken. She is my best friend, a person that I go to for help, even to gossip or have small talk with. There are arguments from time to time, but we manage to get through it and go back to how we were before.

My mother has supported me and my siblings in numerous ways with love and care and from knowing what’s good and bad. She has always been my number one fan even for the simplest things. My mom has always been a religious person throughout her whole life. She knew that God would help us through the tough times that we have had. My mother always knew that He would help us in life to grow, get stronger and help us in the situation that we are in. I’m thankful that my mother has always been a hopeful and positive person and knows that things will eventually get better. She has always continued to fight. I’ve always looked up to my mom for everything that she has done. I always remembered telling my mom that when I was older and had enough money, I would buy her a big house one day with my siblings. I used to always say, “When I get older we’ll buy a big house for you and our family members. Ruth, Daniela, Matthew, and I will make it possible one day”. No individual should take a mother's love for granted.

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Mothers always do so much for their families and on every occasion they make you feel important and loved. As many say, “There is no love greater in this world than a mother’s love”. My mom is a very beautiful, amazing, and kind-hearted person and I am grateful that she is my mother. The whole world knows that being a mom is very difficult, I know that there are very few days when mothers wanted to give up because of the stress that they go through. My mom always tries to teach me many things, whether it be in life in general or things such as cooking and many more. I agree when a person says that their mother isn't the same as other mothers, everyone is different and that is what makes a mother special.

My mom has been with me through the saddest and roughest parts of my life. She has always been there, whenever I would get my heart broken or whenever I just needed someone to be my shoulder to cry on. I would never be able to bear the fact that one day I will lose her, and I will always cherish and appreciate her whenever I can. A mother would sacrifice anything and would do anything for her child because a mother loves her children deeply.

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