Love in a Relationship: Narrative Essay

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Do you know what love is? Have you experienced the great thing called love? When we hear the word ‘relationship’, the ideas that come to our mind are friendship, sexual attraction, intellectual compatibility, and of course, love. I believed that love could be the glue that keeps a relationship strong and solid. It could bind the emotions that start and maintain the relationships that have made a society out of individuals.

When I was a child, I thought that love is always perfect, like in fairy tales. I thought that entering a relationship could always be happy and is all about love and romance, when we experience the cycle of our world slows down, the birds sing, our dark world will suddenly light up, and our heart beats faster as a racing train, and beats loudly like thunder, then automatically that's true love. I have always thought of an ideal relationship in that a couple should always be holding their hands, walking arm in arm, putting the foot gently on top of the partner's foot under the table, and sleeping in each other's arms. Furthermore, I thought that when we see our loved ones, we could capture the moment they smile and that their eyes are gazing into ours in slow motion. We could smell the fragrance and aroma of the flowers that the wind brings on. We could hear the birds singing. And I thought that love fills the mouth with vanilla orange, sweet and warm, yet bright, vibrant, and tangy.

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But as I grow up, I woke up to the truth and reality and realized that love is not like a fairy tale. Believing that love is an attraction to perfection and virtue, and accomplishment is the feeling of fancy sensation of love. Yes, love is joy and hope, excitement, trust, and security, but sometimes sadness and disappointment. Love in a relationship is like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs in it. So, we should be ready to cry, ready to hurt, and ready to sacrifice all. Love is not just admiration for strength, it is also tolerance for weakness and recognition of ambivalence. Love is not all about happiness, romance, and perfectness. What if the happiness and romance will be faded in a meantime? Does it mean that love is also gone? What if we couldn't find the perfect relationship? Does it mean that love is not there? It is also about open communication, mutual respect, kindness, patience, and mutual understanding. In real life relationship, love could be like coffee, bitter, sweet, could be hot, or could be cold, but some things about it never change, it lifts you up, gives you warmth and comfort, and brings out the best in you.

In conclusion, love is the main instrument that people are attached to as glue causes the paper binds together. When we want to enter a relationship, let's go with a healthy relationship with patience, kindness, mutual respect, and understanding, based on reality, not on fantasy.

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