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Who would you be today if you didn’t have your mum? The small things our mothers do for us may go unnoticed, but the impact these things have on your future are significant. From the day you are born, your mum is there to feed you, love you and clothe you. She is there to protect you, nourish you and care for you. Sometimes an individual’s biological mother may not be the person they call ‘mum’, but if there is a mother figure in your life, this all works the same.

I have a faint memory from when I was a child and I was playing with my cousins. I remember my mum lifting me onto the lounge and changing my nappy. People are surprised that I can remember that far back but we can recall memories that are significant in our lives. My mum taking care of me is significant because where would I be today without her? Mothers have been able to lift entire cars to save their trapped babies. That’s something you would only expect from an insane body builder. Now, that’s what love does. A mother’s love for her child gives her the willpower to do almost anything.

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Studies have shown that children who grow up without a mother figure have had issues with their emotional and mental development. Without a mother present, issues with insecurities, mental health issues and emotional imbalances can arise in kids and teens. This shows the importance of having a mother figure in our lives. Losing your mother at a young age can greatly affect a child’s overall mental health and well-being. Just like a plant without water, a child can barely survive without their mother around. What happens when mum isn’t around at all? A father can pick up the traits a mother carries. He can play both Mum and Dad even though it just isn’t the same. In some situations, this is a reality and this is what families do. This is because the role of a mother is important and needs to be fulfilled for a child to develop mentally and emotionally.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with love from our mothers. It sounds silly but sometimes people feel that their mums care too much. Not letting them go out with friends or have sleepovers, it has an effect of kids as well. Children are more likely to become rebellious when they don’t get any freedom to explore the world. It’s like if you are taking care of a plant. You water it every day and feed it fertilizer to keep it happy and healthy. If you over-water that plant, it will drown. The older you grow, the less you need your mum, right? Eventually you can dress and feed yourself, you move out of home and do your own thing. You then start to rely on your mother for emotion support. When you go through a break up or you are stressed because of work, your mother is that shoulder you cry on.

A baby bird can’t leave the nest without its mother teaching it to fly. What I’ve realized through writing this is the importance of a mother’s role in a person’s life. No matter how old you grow, whether you are 6, 22 or 64, you never grow out of a mother’s love. Even though it does not scream the loudest, a mother’s love is one of the most important things in life.

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