My Father Is My Hero: Personal Narrative Essay

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“Today’s the day”, I thought as I double-checked the list for my first day. “You’re going to make me late, come on, Jaime”. I scrambled out of my room, grabbed a piece of toast, and flew out the door. Standing by the car with a smirk, knowing my mom wouldn’t be as fast as me to the car, I yelled: “Hurry, you’re going to make me late”. As I stood, I pondered. I wonder if now that I’m in high school things will change and she’ll see me as an adult…I just want to help out. “Click-clack-click”, her heels whispered down the sidewalk as she approached the car with an authoritative walk. “Hurry, get in, we’re late”. The car left the driveway swiftly and shot down our street like a bullet. I clenched my fist and used all of my courage, I spoke abruptly: “Hey mom, I asked Paco about me working at the store and he said he’ll let me stock, and I promise it won’t interfere with my….”. “I told you no, Jaime, you don’t need to work, let me worry about the bill, just worry about the school, I’m sorry I can’t…not again Jaime, just home and school, ok?”, she whimpered and looked at the picture of her and my father as a cold tear dropped down on her jacket. I put my head down and responded in a disappointing tone, “Yea, your right…sorry mom”. I felt her eyes piercing my soul so I put my head up and looked at her. As my head raises, I hear the violin playing a familiar tune on the radio, I see my mom’s eyes looking at me with a worried look, but a light blinds me from behind her “MO…”.

My eyes open to the blinding sunlight as I lay on my back in the grass surrounded by trees. “Jaime JAIME”, a man yelled my name in the background. I sat up, rubbing my head: “Uhhh, what happened”, I thought. “Jaime, oh my God, are you okay?”, the man spoke with a nurturing yet worried tone and picked me up by my arm. His smell, his voice, it was all so familiar when I looked at his face, I was so shocked, I franticly lunged away and yelled: “No, you’re not supposed to be here…last year you…you’re gone, and this isn’t real”. I closed my eyes tight and tried to wake up from this. “Jaime, son, I’m always here and I will always be here, how could I leave my little man”. Dad spoke with such ease, he always knew how to calm me down. I opened my eyes and began to hug him and cry: “I’m scared dad, I think mom’s hurt, I need to find her”, I sobbed. “It’s ok, you both just fell off the horse, all you need to do is find her and take care of her, she needs you”, he explained. “I need you too, dad, I need your help”, I begged. “Son, I’ve given you all you need to do anything you want, just remember”, he answered.

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Everything began to fade and my eyes truly began to open to reality. I was in a hospital and the TV played a video of when my family went to ride horses in the country. I grabbed the remote and pressed the button to summon a nurse, but suddenly I heard my dad’s voice: “Remember, no matter what, I and your mom will always be there, and whenever things look dark and like there’s no return, remember, if there’s a will, there’s a way, you can do anything you showed me that today by how you got back up from this accident. Now get up, let’s go get your momma, she had a fall too”, the old TV muffled through its speakers. “Oh my God, Jaime, you’re awake, it’s a miracle”, a nurse yelled as she walked in, and with tears of joy, she wept. “Where is my mom”, I asked sternly. ‘Being in a wheelchair makes me feel like I’m sick or something, but the doctors say it’s for the best. This is what I thought as they pushed me to see mom. “Beep-beep-beep”, the heart monitor made a constant monotone beeping sound, it made me feel sad. “I know it’s discouraging to see her like this Jaime, she’ll be fine, she just needs time to recover”, the doctor consoled. She was covered in bandages and casts, thank God I could still see her face and her eyes, so different from when I last saw them, so much more pain. I looked down and clenched my fist and felt the sensation of my dad's arm pulling me up and I began to smile. “It's ok, I’m going to be ok, we're going to be ok”, I said confidently. “You have to be a hero to have such a resilient child”, the doctor told me with such admiration. “The only hero is you, dad”, I looked up and remembered everything he ever told me and showed me.

Without his lessons of determination and willpower, this would have destroyed me, but it won’t, because I can do anything that I will and I wouldn’t have this power without my dad. So, that’s why my dad is my hero, he showed me the light in the dark, and even though he isn’t with us anymore, he lives in me and I will live by his teachings.

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