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The construct of love is a find-out about which has acquired sizable attention and discussion. Love used is defined with the aid of Plato as an emotion that exists in a hierarchical form, whereas Socrates argued that love is a combination of many factors (Levy and Davis, 1988). Those individuals who are in love have a mutual appreciation and mutual honor toward the current relationship. Love fashion, on the other hand, refers to how people outline the approach they have toward love. Hendrick and Hendrick (1986) defined love attitudes as 'attitudes that people have on love direct their behavior and experiences towards the individual they love.'

Love characterizes intimate relationships no matter the truth that the meaning and how humans ride it, may also range across cultures and humans. Men and women do show special love beliefs, those who discover their loves differ from their past may additionally have an impact on their relationship.

One of the primary love theories in romantic relationship research used to be once conceptualized with the useful resource of Lee 1973 who at the being proposed the colors of love theory also known as love styles Lee claimed that men and female have awesome techniques or attitudes towards love and therefore love is a multi-dimensional notion consisting of six extraordinary types of love.

Primary love styles

The first love style is Eros, an extraordinarily emotional ride that is comparable to passionate love.

Ludus is the second love style. The ludic lover considers love as a recreation to be played, regularly with a number of partners at equal time and he or she believes that lies and deception are acceptable

The third love style is Storge. Storge refers to a relationship developed slowly from friendship. storge which is primarily based definitely on companionship, faith, and respect. The stoic lover has a strong dedication toward the relationship and considers the partner as a historic pal who has related attitudes and values therefore the stoic lover does not ride effective thoughts to the romantic partner (Lee, 1973).

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Secondary Love styles

The fourth love style, Pragma, is characterized as having a practical view of love which entails a mindful consideration of the demographic points of the potential partner.

Another love style is Mania. This extraordinarily jealous and obsessive-dependent strategy to like is identified by using splendid emotional depth and an attempt to pressure love and commitment from the partner

Agape love or altruistic love may be a combination of erotic and Storgic love (Lee, 1988). This type of love desires attention from the loved ones barring having non-public interests. This love is viewed as extreme and full of friendship and will increase the love with the want for mutual helping (altruism). Agape which represents a selfless and all-giving love fashion is the closing color of affection. People who propose an atopic style tend to possess pleasant and long-lasting relationships. Agape is characterized by altruism and entails a duty to like and seem after the partner within the absence of any expectation of reciprocity

It is important to be conscious that Lee does not know longer sees love styles as traits; it is entirely possible that the same person can additionally have one relationship that is the higher attribute of one style and any other extra attribute of an absolutely one-of-a-kind style. It is even possible that the same relationship might also additionally change over time.

There have been a number of theories of love emerging To study close relationships in recent decades. A few research found that there are consistent differences between males and females in their love styles.

Several instruments have been developed to measure love. One psychological measurement which has been widely used to be developed from the Typology Love Theory namely the Love Attitude Scale (LAS; Hendrick et al., 1998).

Hence, this project has been majorly revolving around the topic of 'Love Attitudes' ( friendship love- STORGE; altruistic love-AGAPE ) among male and female young adults.

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