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Critical Review of Article 'Intertextuality and the Discourse Community'

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Between Good Writing and College-Level Writing

A great writer of amazing stories like “Narnia” CS Lewis states that “You can make anything by writing” is easily compared to, writing experts who expect college essays to be done on a different level. Many writers believe that completing an essay should be done a certain fashion. These scholars and experts think that writing should be targeted to a specific audience that is going to receive the essay. As well as, using theories and communities to bring good writing to the level of college level writing.

Additionally, students face many difficulties when writing, in the article it shows examples on the university students who wrote essays for Bartholomae and showed each of the different errors it had in their essays. In the article “Inventing the University’’, Bartholomae states, “the privilege of being “insiders” that is, of being both inside an established and powerful discourse, and of being granted a special right to speak.” He's sees writing as a way of thinking or know about a certain topic. The mistakes he pointed out are common, but Bartholomae gives advice on how to fix them in “inventing the university” he states, “to speak with authority... with power and wisdom” (17). Bartholomae way to improve college-level material is to persuade the audience and take over the topic. He goes over a concept called the commonplace, He defines it as “a culturally or institutionally authorized concept or statement that carries with it its own necessary elaboration” (7). We should use commonplace to help us focus on writing, have a better understanding of the audience's knowledge, position and write for the reader and not the writer.

Furthermore, the use of intertextuality and discourse community can improve college-level writing. Porter explains his intertextuality theory, in the article “Intertextuality and the Discourse Community” Porter explains the two types of intertextuality are iterability (or repeatability) and presupposition (or “assumptions a text makes about its referent, its readers, and its context”). The iterability is what marks the intention of the writer, it's what the writer is going to repeat in the essay multiple times. And the presupposition helps the writer make a connection within the essay. He uses the Declaration of Independence as an example he explains that it cannot be considered original work. It was written from other ideas with the same purpose and audience, he got all his ideas and phrases from others, but it wasn’t considered plagiarism., We must rethink on what plagiarism is in writing because that’s when real creativity happens. To write college-level material we need to form a purpose or argument but without any knowledge on the subject, a proper paper can't be produced. Plagiarism is inevitable based on Porters ideas because research is needed before an opinion or argument can be synthesized. The discourse community, Porter defines discourse community as “a group of individuals bounded by a common interest who communicate through approved channels and whose discourse is regulated”. Connect ourselves in communities or people with the same subject that can influence our work. We should find our discourse community, to find that acceptability that our work needs to become better writer able to write college-level material.

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Apart from this, Elizebeth Wardle describes Etienne Wegner theory on the three interrelated modes of belonging: engagement, imagination, and alignment as stated in the article “Learning to Write in New Workplaces” by Elizabeth Wardle. We should use the three to become better college-level writer by using engagement to build interpersonal connections between the community, imagination is next helps form out identity in writing and alignment is the last step these makes us grab all the ideas or concepts we have accumulated and start bringing it into our writing. She also refers to having authority in our writing if it's for school or a job. Wardle gives us an example in the article “Learning to Write in New Workplaces” when she talks about Alan, how he tried to use authority over people, where he didn’t have authority over them in the first place, this caused the community around him to not take him serious. This connects to on how to write a college-level paper in many ways it can make us think on how, failing to have authority can lead to writers not being taken serious by the reader. But having too much authority can worsen the writing by adding to much information that’s not needed. This will lead to the reader not taking ones writing serious, so having a balance in our text is what will bring out a college-level paper.

In addition, James E Porter and Wardle both talk about identity. Wardle clarifies how personality can be changed within communities. This implies that certain work can cause self-personality issues. In the article (Intertextuality and the Discourse Community), the word intertextuality is compared to the discourse community. Intertextuality is the idea of text having traces of other articles in it. The writer is disregarded and only the textual content matters. This is comparable to Wardle's thinking of identity. The communities of practice from time to time violate a person's view of themselves or a person's social efficacy. An identification can be modified by means of an article or even a view of society.

Finally, a way on how to write a college-level paper, is to use the prewriting, writing and rewriting process stated in the article “Teach Writing as a Process, Not Product”. He states that the prewriting stage is what takes the most time and the most important step, it's when we should be aware of the topic we have chosen for our college-level paper and that’s when notes are taken and the start of the outline. Then comes the writing for the first draft. It's bound to make mistakes in our first draft that’s the process, but Donald Murray wants the writer to become encouraged to discover their voice in writing. And the last step rewriting is to gather all the feedback one has gotten back from reviewing the first draft, to make a solid final draft of a college-level paper.

The process to write a college-level paper can be a difficult task. But scholars and Expert writers use the concept of discourse communities that can help elevate normal essays to the level of college written material. Bartholomé gave us the concept of the common place, to help the writer focus and understand the audience he is writing for. Murray gave us the stages we should follow prewriting, writing and rewriting that makes college-level writing flow at a faster pace. In order to produce a college-level paper we must use these concepts and ideas that theses scholars and Experts have given, when writing an essay.

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