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Abstract Red panda, Ailurus fulgens is unique animal of carnivora family that just has a single species and probably falls under monotypic family. Although they are found from Mugu to Ilam district inside eight different protected areas and one community forest of Nepal, the total population is not known. Their preferred habitat is the bamboo-dominated vegetation of evergreen deciduous forest within an average altitudinal range of 2,400m to 3,600m with abundant fallen logs and tree stumps. The red panda diet...
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Geographical Range and Habitat Red pandas live mostly in Asia in the Eastern Himalayas like: China, Bhutan, Burma and Nepal. Red pandas live in the forest, where there's water, fallen logs, and bamboo. The reason why they need the bamboo is because they mostly make their house out of bamboo, and tree branches. In india red pandas like to live in tropical forests. Conservation Status Red pandas are endangered, less than 10,000 are left.You might be asking why? Well...there are...
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Have you ever wondered how red pandas came into existence? Well, you’re in luck. While doing my research on red pandas, I found out what the taxonomy of a red panda, I found where red pandas come from and how they have evolved throughout time, and I found some interesting facts about the red panda that made me choose the red panda for this project. While doing my research on red pandas, I found out some interesting facts about them...
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