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Animal testing has long been a social issue among the masses. It is a method of medical and biological research that investigates the reaction of drugging living animals on behalf of humans. These experiments greatly contributed to the functional explanation of life, but on the other hand, the cruelty of the experiments raised the question of whether it was necessary for medicine. What about you? Do you think it is reasonable? In my personal opinion, I am in favor of conducting animal experiments for several reasons.

Firstly, animal testing is the way to save other lives. In order to develop medicines, it is necessary to check whether the material discovered or produced by scientists has any medical value or side effects. And because theory alone is almost impossible to predict, experiments are needed on animals with genes similar to human genes. The following cases can be the grounds for my argument. Vaccines for deadly diseases such as polio, tuberculosis, and measles were all developed through animal testing. Without animal testing, mankind would still suffer from these diseases. So, using animals in disease research is essential to verify the stability of new medicines.

Secondly, for now, animal testing is the most realistic alternative option. Many alternatives to animal testing are currently being tried because there are no ethical problems. However, computer simulations cannot perfectly reproduce the toxicity and fatal side effects of certain chemicals. An experimental animal researcher at the National Academy of Sciences said that sophisticated computers cannot accurately reproduce the interactions between molecules, cells, biological tissues, organs, and interactions between organisms and the environment, so living animals should be studied. There is also a limit to the use of cultured cells. Intercellular Response Considering the current situation in which information about metabolism or reaction actions in the human body has not been clearly revealed, the results of the study through the background cells cannot be trusted. Therefore, animal testing is the best way to develop medicine at present. Furthermore, animal testing is the easiest and fastest way to prove the validity of the research process. So, the ban on animal testing does not make sense because animals have a shorter generation gap than humans, which can significantly reduce the time spent on research, and the sooner they are studied, the more lives they can save. Comment by Nadia: ??

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In contrast, some opponents of animal testing argue that all life is equal and that human beings do not have the right or authority to harm other animals and take their lives recklessly. Of course, humans do not have the right to take the lives of other creatures, but I think it is a very shortsighted argument. All living things are basically bound to take another life to survive. Experimental animals are also an inevitable means of living, so we cannot conclude that this is a sin. Experiments can help develop drugs that can save other lives by sacrificing some animals, which are used to save far more lives than animals that have been sacrificed in experiments. Therefore, the above argument is not reasonable. Comment by Nadia: Hyeon Ji, I’m very concerned about these two paragraphs, as the language in them is at a much higher level than you usually write. I am worried that you copied this from somewhere and it’s not your own work, which is a serious pro. I need you to come talk to me, and tell me where you found this information.

From the perspective of the opposition to animal testing, many people also argue that many errors occur because animals are also different from humans. No wonder there is no life in the world that is exactly the same as humans. Does that mean that if humans get sick, they should experiment with humans? The opposition's argument is far from logical. In addition, chimpanzees match 99 percent of human genes and are most similar to humans in terms of anatomical endocrinology, so the results of their experiments are more reliable than any other animal experiment. That is why the opposition's argument is absurd.

In conclusion, animal testing is an essential activity for humans and all living things. If it had not been for animal testing, there would have been no medical reversal and no further development. In addition, it will be difficult for vaccines to be produced without animal testing in the current corona COVID-19 crisis. For these reasons, I agree with using animals in disease research.

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