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Present Variations Variations in Brown rats; captivity versus in the wild For over a century brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) have been used by humans for many reasons. Originally, they were used by rat fanciers (those who breed rats as a hobby for their unique coats etc) and later by scientists who still use R. norvegicus to this day for their...
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Researchers have been experimenting and hypothesizing about episodic memory for years, during this time many different approaches have been used. Episodic memory is the recollection of past experiences, which allow us to recall unique past events in detail. It has been argued that episodic memory is grounded in a temporal framework, meaning that we can remember when an event occurred....
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Students at Normandy University (Normandie Université) in Rouen, France were curious to test whether the concept of ‘sensory substitution’ exists within rats. ‘Sensory substitution’ is when an agent temporarily stops a specific sensory system from functioning properly, only to have a different sensory system to make up for the sensory system that was lost by using the other sensory system...
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Living organisms have systems which all work together to enable survival. In the animal kingdom, rats and humans are both mammals, and they have very similar systems and organs in their body. A mammal is a warm-blooded vertebrate animal which has fur or hair, gives birth to babies, as opposed to laying eggs, and feed their young milk. The systems...
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