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There is no doubt that, animals can communicate. But they communicate in a different way than humans. Chimpanzees like other animals, can communicate non-verbally, they can make noises that shows how they are feeling, they don’t use words but with sounds, to show each other how the feel. Chimpanzees have their own vocal communication, using sounds to give a message...
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Two of the most intriguing primates to observe with respect to social interactions, sexual interaction, and the use of their surrounding environment to create tools to have access to different food are orangutans and chimpanzees. This essay will discuss the social behaviors and the way of living in both chimpanzees and organtangus. The social behavior of each these primates do...
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It all started when researchers around the world started unraveling different techniques to clone animals and improve human diseases. Establishing perfect animal models is important, especially for the study of human diseases but transgenic technology is believed to be useful for generating animal models. Since the birth of the first transgenic mouse, hundreds of transgenic animal models have been created...
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The island of Madagascar is located on the east coast of Africa, which is home to a variety of lemurs. Most of us are probably not aware of how we damage their habitat and environment. The primary focus of this research is on the prolemur simus also known as the great bamboo lemur. This lemur has been classified as endangered...
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Lemurs are an example of a type of non-human primate. They are relatively small in size, and many of them have a snout. All of them have a hairless, wet nose with curved nostrils. This unique nose makes them special and great sniffers. They have 5 digits on their hind and front limbs. The tail of lemurs is not prehensile...
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Chimpanzees, bonobos, capuchin monkeys and other related animals are capable of many similar thoughts and behaviors as humans. The most significant findings from the textbook “Understanding Humans: An Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology, 11th Edition” and from lectures are their social behavior, cultural behavior, reproductive behavior and language. Different variables have effect on evolutionary processes some being natural selection,...
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In the past, culture use to be a trait only explained in humans, but over the years studies have shown culture-like phenomena in animals such as primates. Primatologists can define culture as behaviours that are transmitted socially from one group of species to another leading to group-specific traditions (Van Schaik et al 2003). Social learning consists of learning due to...
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