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Emperor Penguins have to survive in some of the harshest weather conditions in the world (as low as -40°Cand 200 km/h winds). They have a set of features that help them adapt to this. These penguins have large reserves of sub-dermal body fat to insulate them. They have many layers of stiff short scale-like-feathers which are very hard to ruffle. To reduce heat loss, the feathers are held erect by muscles while the penguin is on land which traps a...
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There are many unique birds, they can be fast or slow, small or big, can fly or stay on the ground! I am going to be listing a type of bird that interests me immensely, the penguin! There are many types of these strange birds, so I will be introducing Ten of the Seventeen types! The first five I am explaining are types that are not endangered. The first type of Penguin is the classic Emperor Penguin. There are about...
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Emperor Penguins Emperor penguins migrate annually from the West coast of Antarctica to their breeding grounds. This journey has a distance of 60-100 miles and the main reason is for breeding. However, recently some Emperor penguins are migrating because of climate change and limited amounts of food. The migration takes place during the month of March. Around 595,000 Emperor Penguins migrate every year. They do this in such large numbers so they stay safe when predators such as seals, target...
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Why didn't they evolve? Why do they swim? What to change to make them fly? Why they don’t they fly? What the advantages and disadvantages would be if they flew? Paragraph or two to answer each Why Penguins Can’t Fly and what would happen if they could? We are all familiar with the cute little black and white birds but we’ve all wondered at one point, why don’t they fly and what would happen if they did fly? Well, there...
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The Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adéliae) is a medium sized penguin weighing between 3 – 6kg and stand at 70cm tall. It is one of the most widespread penguins in the Antarctic; they are 1 of only 2 true Antarctic residents. They largely resided close to the sea around the coast and only venture to further in ice-free land to breed. The Adélie penguin diet consists of eating small sea creatures such as krill, small fish and squid. They generally hunt...
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