Reasons Why Penguins Don't Fly

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Why didn't they evolve?

Why do they swim?

What to change to make them fly?

Why they don’t they fly?

What the advantages and disadvantages would be if they flew?

Paragraph or two to answer each

Why Penguins Can’t Fly and what would happen if they could?

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We are all familiar with the cute little black and white birds but we’ve all wondered at one point, why don’t they fly and what would happen if they did fly? Well, there are many answers to these questions but we’re going to give you a few of the basic answers.

Why don’t penguins fly?

Penguins can’t fly because they didn’t evolve that way and their flippers are not strong enough to lift their chunky bodies. They didn’t evolve like birds so their flippers are more like webbed feet for swimming and catching fish instead of the aerofoil feathered wings that other birds have.

Why Didn’t Penguins evolve to fly and how did they evolve?

Why didn’t penguins evolve to fly and how did they evolve? Well, Penguins didn’t evolve like other birds because they had no threats in their habitat thus having no need to evolve. Penguins also needed flippers to catch fish which is their food. The penguins flippers help them to be powerful swimmers and underwater hunters. The penguins needed flippers more than wings so they evolved with flippers instead of wings.

What would we have to change to make penguins fly?

What would we have to change to make penguins fly? To make penguins fly we would first have to change their flippers to aerofoil wings like other flying birds as well as make their flippers longer and able to fold down. Next, we would thin down their bodies and get rid of the fat supplies in their bodies that keep them warm in the frigid Arctic waters. Finally, we would alter their tail feathers to be like other birds to help them with their landings.

What advantages and disadvantages would the penguins have if they flew?

The advantages for penguins, if they flew, would be that they would be able to escape predators easily just by flying and be able to get to places quicker mare efficiently. The disadvantages for penguins, if they could fly, would be that it would be more difficult for them to get their food. The reason behind this is that when penguins evolved to be the strong swimmers that they are today their bodies couldn’t fly and swim so they evolved to swim which was more useful for their habitats. So if we gave a penguin the ability to fly we would also make unable to be the adept swimmer that it is today. Therefore if penguins could fly it might help them get away from predators more but in all, it would be more useful to be able to swim.

That is why penguins can’t fly, what would happen if penguins could fly and what we would have to change for them to be able to fly.

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