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Pit bulls, often the subject of controversy and misunderstanding, deserve a fair and informed perspective. These dogs, known for their strength and loyalty, have been unjustly stigmatized due to misconceptions perpetuated by media sensationalism and biased portrayals. It's time to set the record straight and advocate for a more balanced understanding of pit bulls, focusing on responsible ownership and promoting positive interactions with these animals. Challenging Stereotypes Pit bulls have gained an undeserved reputation as aggressive and dangerous dogs. However,...
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Dogs that are created by crossing two distinct pedigree dogs are called Mixed Breeds or Designer Dogs. It is a general belief that pedigree dogs are purebred dogs and are better than mixed breeds. Many feel that non-pedigree dogs are just not capable enough to be added to the list of other dogs. But this so-called list has been made by us humans themselves. These so-called purebred dogs were not naturally created. They were themselves designer dogs sometime in the...
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Humans have been breeding dogs for at least an estimated 14,000 years, it is said to believe that the evolution of the domestic dog evolved from the wild grey wolf (Canis Lupus.) As humans began domesticating dogs, they had begun to favour specific traits such as dogs with particular physiques and temperaments, hunting skills, intelligence, behavioural traits and even the simple companionship between man and dog.By selecting the most favourable dogs to breed, humans were unconsciously using artificial selection to...
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