The Peculiarities Of Marine Biology As A Job

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Marine biology is about studying everything sea life like animals and corals. They are separated in different types of research like a certain species of sea creature or some may research about reef restoration. Marine biologists are mostly on the field when they work, they manage wildlife preserves to protect marine organisms. There are a lot of different types of jobs that you can do at the marine biology scene these are some examples:

  • Marine ecologist: Marine ecologist performs research on aquatic systems like coral reefs, focusing on how water organism interact with their environment. They can do work inside laboratories or out in the field doing hands on work, gathering data and experimenting. Their one main goal is to preserve life in waterbodies.
  • Fishery Data Mangers: Fishery Managers oversees the activities that occurs at fisheries, which includes but is not limited to: screening cultivation areas, monitoring fish growth, maintaining equipment, prepping food, distributing medicine and coordinating with other mangers in affiliated fisheries.
  • Environmental Engineer: Environmental engineers use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems. They are involved in efforts to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and air pollution control.


To be a marine biologist you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree for entry level jobs; a master’s degree for higher paying consulting, teaching jobs; a PH.D. for teaching at the postsecondary level and for most research jobs. For the degree fields you would need to study marine biology or other biology sciences (e.g ecology, molecular biology, zoology). Experience requirements can vary and can depend on education. There are a couple of universities that lets you take a bachelor’s degree for marine biology, some of these universities are James Cook university, University of Newcastle and MacQuarie University.

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Job levels, Salaries and Companies

In the Marine biology world, there are a lot of different levels of jobs. In the marine biology scene, you can be a marine ecologist or a Fishery Data Manager. The whole area of this job has a vast amount of job levels which makes it a good choice as you have a lot of choices. A marine biologist has a salary of $58,014, this is an average salary for an average marine biologist and this is a per year of their salary. Their average per hour is $25.21 per hour. But these are the average and may be different depending on the company. Speaking of the companies there are a couple of companies that you can get employed to. The one I’m gonna be talking about is the Australia institute of marine science also known as AIMS. AIMS is a tropical marine research agency that researches and protects the marine life of Australia. AIMS has been researching marine animals and ecosystems since 1972, they conserve the oceans and looks after species of animals to see if they are at risk of being endangered. To get in AIMS you’ll need to send them an email or call them from their personal number. Right now they are looking for a part-time Project manager, coral restoration technician, research scientist- benthic and restoration ecologist and post-doctoral fellowship- coral reef restoration. It is also supposed to be in Townsville, Queensland.

Job benefits

Marine biology has a couple of perks that go with, some of those perks can benefit you by educational gains, and a good per year salary. The travelling for this depends on what level you go in the actual company as fishery data mangers has to stay in fisheries to tend after them and doesn’t actually move around unless they are stationed into another fishery somewhere else. Some of the bonuses that go with this job is the high salaries and the educational gains as stated up above but there is way more than that. Other benefits that you can get too are medical benefits, paid vacations, sick days and a 401K or other retirement savings plan. As well as having really good bonuses it’s a good job to have because its full of choices and also, it’s a good way to help the earth to preserve aquatic creatures. And speaking of aquatic creatures it is also a good way to get closer to them too.


In conclusion I think that marine biology is a good job as it has a lot of choices and is very good experience for anyone that likes to preserve marine animals or just has an interest in marine life in general.


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