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Science Is Everything: For And Against

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It is common for us, people, even at a younger age to wonder. Just like why things exist, why certain things happen, why things are the way they are and more. Asking these questions shows how curious we are and how we ought to learn more things. People have this manner that when they are not convince with the answers they got, they continue seeking until they get the best and complete answer. But there are also some people who doesn’t care about his/her surroundings. What is important to them is that just he/ she is existing. They don’t actually pay much attention or appreciate little things they encounter. They just tend to look, hear, feel and taste those things without wondering why it exist. The question is, how will the world be improved if there is no one that is eager to learn something. Learning is a never ending process so we must not be contented with the knowledge we have.

There are a lot of words that describes, defines and gives the meaning of science but for me, it is a set of tools or systematic methods for studying the natural world through observation and experimentation. When you say the word “Science”, it has wider thoughts and ideas so it was divided into three branches namely the physical science, earth science and life sciences. Physical science is the study of non- living things or objects. Furthermore, this branch of science is divided into three: physics, chemistry and astronomy. Even though you are not taking up scientist or any courses related about science, it doesn’t really mean that it is not a must for you to learn about it. Science is important because it increases our fundamental learning or knowledge. This knowledge is about how the universe works even on its little things. It helps us to have better and greater understanding about the world. From the moment we wake up, all day long, and throughout the night, we encounter science. In short, in our everyday living. Never will I imagine my life without science. We can probably reach millions of years without innovations, changes and improvements. Imagine how can we survive living in this world without electricity, technologies, foods, water, shelter, clothes and other essential needs. Just like on the video we are assigned to watched, there are a lot of things that we haven’t dreamed up but are possibly made. Let me give you some examples. First in communicating with other people. Nowadays, it is possible for us to communicate with someone even at a farther place with the use of cellular phones and other gadgets. With just one click and a blink of an eye, we are able to send information to another person. Secondly in cooking, determining the ingredients that will fit our tastes. The process of evaporation and condensation are also involved while we are cooking. Also, science is applied on how we preserve foods and decompose our wastes. Third in medical field, due to the advancement of science we are able to invent medicines and machines that can help in curing a person’s disease. Doctors can do some operations like heart surgery, liver transplant and many more. Way back then, plants are used by our ancestors as a remedy to heal or cure a person’s illness but as time passes by, there are a lot of disease that spreads out that cannot be treated by a medicinal plant. Also, it is possible for the doctors and orthopedic to see the inside of our body with the use of x-ray machines. Moreover, science play a big role in the work of medical practitioners as it becomes easier for them to determine and treat the diseases of their patients.

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Another lesson that I have learned from the video is that every little things has its own worth. If you are eager to learn more, you should not be disgust on to the things that are unpleasant. Instead you should see it in a different way. Just like what Hennig Brand did, a German alchemist and. He used urine in his experiment because he thought that he will discover philosopher stone, a substance that reputedly turned based metals into gold. Basically, what we know is that urine is a liquid by product of metabolism in humans and animals. Who would have taught that it can be an element in turning based metals into gold? Brand is the one whom discovered the Giver of Light or also known as the phosphorus. Phosphorus is used in making match that gives us light us well us to create fire used for cooking. Another characteristic of science is that it never fails to amaze us. The are no such things that are impossible, if you are going to find on how things will work out. It brings us near the things or circumstances that we thought we can never experience. Just like flying, we know that no one has the ability to fly but only the birds and other animals that has wings. Since science does not fail us, people invented a recreation called para gliding where in you get to experience flying like a bird.

Antoine Lavoisier once said that nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. This is just means that change is the only permanent thing in this world. It is because of the modernization around us to meet our needs and demands. For instance, we use such technology to stay connected with other people. Before, they use telephones to communicate but as the time passes by, it is now improvised to cellular phones where in it is more easy and relevant to use. Truth be told, being scientist is fun and interesting because you get to explore and discover new things but on the other hand, they also got to encounter unpleasant things while on their way of experimenting.

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