Science Against Hypocrisy

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Nowadays, almost all daily newspapers are given the amount. Rashifal tells us what is the fate of the people. Moreover, the fate of the people or the time of his birth is settled. At the time of birth, the presence of the sky in the sky or the fate of the people. Besides, we see advertisement in television, playing Horlicks, whether or not the boys' girls become tall and strong-intelligent. Do not soap or kill 99% germs. Fair-end-lovelie (or fair-end-handsum) may change color.

Needless to say, none of the above is true. There is only very slight gravitational power on the Earth's planets and stars. There is no other effect. The amount of nutrient it takes on the day of the growing children, it can not be filled with the horoscope. The nutrients will not be full while playing a spoonful of Horlicks in the water. Needed balanced food. To fill this nutrition with the Greek sacraments, you will have to eat folic acid Horoscope.

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And most of our body is beneficial. They fight against harmful bacteria. So if Dettel's claim is true, he would kill the most beneficial bacteria. Then our disease prevention will be reduced.

The skin color depends on melanin. Melanin protects us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Fair-end-savvy skin does not reduce melanin. And if it ever decreases, it will be harmful to the people of this region. The reason is that white people suffer from various problems, including skin cancer when they come in contact with our equatorial and tropical sunlight.

It is to be understood that all the above promotions are modern superstitions. These are called phonics. Science has a positive effect in people. So it is very easy to confuse the common man with the mask of science. Though these ideas are widely publicized, there is no scientific basis behind them. These are promoted for selling products. Profit by selling these unnecessary products is looting.

It is very important to be aware of this histology. As well as being aware of them, campaign against them also needs to be generalized. Because the main victims of these sciences are common people. Along with that, the need of sciences. Science is a lot more fun than science. Very interesting There are many interesting topics to know about nature, space, universe, human society. If we know these and spread it, then people will be cognitive. Science does not mean that everyone will become a scientist. Thinking like science means thinking like scientists, scribbling like them, know.

Science stories teach people to think in a logical way. Then he became aware of himself and with his surroundings - understood what is right and which is wrong. So study the science is the best antidote against nihilism.

There is a lot to wonder about in the universe. There is a kind of fish in Africa who are blind or blind. They make a kind of electric field around it. In this case, they are able to find prey through slight changes. Using this field, they communicate with each other.

Kabooters understand the change in the magnetic field. They are able to feel the change in the power of the Earth's magnetic field, its one thousandth millennium. They used this power to recognize the objects around them, the way. In the center of the galaxies, the invasive explosion of quasars creates. The explosion destroyed many planets around the four sides.

The ancestral footprints of the people of East Africa have been found to be cold in the volcano. It is about three and a half million years old. It is understood, how old is human history.

There are dozens of mitochondria in each of our cells. The 'powerhouse' of the mitochondria cell - works as a cellulite for the cell. Recent evidence suggests that this mitochondria was an independent microprocessor several hundred million years ago. Later, they entered into larger cells. Large cells give nutrients to the mitochondria, and mitochondria gives strength. That means, in a broad sense we are not a single organism. We have a combination of about one billion crores of different types - a biological instrument.

Campaign against science and the science of nihilism will build new countries based on science.

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