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Dangers of Application Software Failure

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The world is developing very fast, each task is completed through modern technology. Software and application are taking over the human labor. Software is used in every aspect of modern life like transportation, education, entertainment, construction, navy, air force, satellites and many more daily things that we are using. But always software is not successful, at some stage software gets error and gives wrong information or change the whole product. No software is not 100% accurate. The failure of software may lead to heavy loss in profit or business of the related organization.

There was a real software failure in Australia. In 2013, the website of retail giant Myer crashed at the worst possible time – in the midst of Boxing Day sales. With as many as 7000 customers simultaneously accessing the sales at once, the site began to struggle. It was not a question of whether the servers could handle the amount of traffic, but rather a programming glitch that was affecting the site’s communication with its servers. This meant that many customers were left unable to complete their transactions and as a result, the store’s CEO ordered the site to be taken down. With IT staff stumped, was forced to remain offline for days, causing rival store David Jones to take advantage of the situation to the tune of a 100 percent increase in online sales. A communication breakdown between a software application and internet servers had been identified as the problem.

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Due to heavy traffic on Boxing Day, Myer’s website couldn’t handle the online buyers of the website which resulted in the shutdown of the site and it was not fixed till a week. It caused a heavy loss in the sales of business in such a busy day. All the customers were disappointed. As a result, there was breakdown in the sales of the company and it took a few months to recover the loss.

This could have been avoided if the company has given severe attention to the heavy traffic going to be on Boxing Day. Myers expected its website upgrade to totally revolutionize its online sales, but these expectations were too high. Projects don’t generally fail because of lack of resource, but because they aren’t governed effectively. They are poorly planned, poorly envisaged, and poorly managed. It is this level of poor governance that leads to lack of resource among other problematic issues for project managers. Myers should have managed the website for heavy traffic or could have backup plans. But they lack the backup plans and well maintained and organized website.

The failure of Myers website gives us a strong lesson that even big company can also fail in their biggest selling day. You should be always prepared to face the problems coming in front.

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