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Ethical Dilemma: Definition And Main Characteristics

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An ethical Dilemma is a situation where an organization faces a dilemma in responding to a situation. The company has many options but no process will be resolving the issue then this situation is called an ethical dilemma.


Ethical dilemma is nothing but choosing an option over the other if there are multiple options are available to choose. Ethical issues are different from ethical dilemmas. Concerning the difference between ethical issues and ethical dilemmas, this is especially important as a first stage for the examination of organizational situations, regarding the way where ethical theory may add to ethical dilemmas.

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Apparently, ethical theory has all the more a section to play where dilemmas start, involving difficult ethical decisions, than it does when one is confronted with a single issue. Be that as it may indeed, even in that last sort of circumstance the subject of whether one’s personal responsibility is an ethical issue. This may rise to dilemma, if simply after closer analysis.


This study on ethical dilemmas in the work environment draws from various orders. To understand the different impacts on ethical dilemmas inside organizations, three ethical decision models were picked as a reason for conversation of the discoveries Model of Ethical Decision-making, Person-Situation Integrationist Model, and Model of Ethical Intensity. A significant part of the examination on ethical focuses around the individual and how that individual can rationalize and think the entire factors of the variables required to settle on a choice when faced with an ethical dilemma. The primary theory of how an individual creates in his/her reasoning and good improvement underlie the resulting exploration on ethical decision models. Cognitive Ethical Development Theory fills in as a reason for conversation here. As indicated, people build up their own personal good insight dependent on a characteristic arrangement of maturational improvement. Every one of the six levels speaks to a move in social ethical improvement from the submission of level one to a progressively significant decision model dependent on a feeling of all-inclusive good equity at level six. Kohlberg’s model building up a phase-based model of ethical decision that advances from attention to judgment to goal lastly to conduct. Rest’s stages include awareness, where the individual can recognize ethical implications of a circumstance; judgment, where the individual can assess and reason through an issue; plan, where people have in their psyche a specific result for their activities; lastly conduct, which might have the suggestions the individual planned. The second piece of the theoretical structure originates from crafted by Trevino who proposed a model of ethical decision that included both individual and situational factors that impact ethical decision. She refers to ‘individual moderators, for example, ego strength, field reliance and locus of control in proposing a Person-Situation Integrationist Model. People with high inner self quality and an internal locus of control won’t depend intensely because of others in settling on their own choices.

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