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Marvel comics and DC comics are two very prominent comic book publishers in the publishing industry. They are both famous for their extensive and very interconnected universes and along with this, they’re famous for the creation of the concept of a superhero. In both of these publishing companies, there is a subsection for movies and TV shows. The one that marvel has is called the Marvel cinematic universe. The one the DC has is called the DC extended universe. These...
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I intend to discuss moral philosophy in the movie, ‘The Dark Knight’. I intend to discuss Batman’s moral position. I agree with his moral position. The comic book character Batman is a representative of justice, as the hero lives to do what is right. The comic book character Batman is a delegate of equity, as the legend lives to make the right decision. All through the numerous experiences that have been delivered, Batman needs to discover approaches to accomplish his...
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Batman is a fictional hero that has been altered many times throughout history, though I will only discuss the original and the biggest change of his character. Batman has always been a very dark hero/vigilantly that takes down thugs and villains. He’s known to be a millionaire socialite with bat themed props and a bat themed costume. In 1939, Bob Kane, born on October 1915, New York, invented Batman. Bill Finger joined him shortly after and they published Batman’s first...
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Since 1939, Batman has been a childhood hero favorite and remaining so into adulthood for his fans. From comic books to cartoons and from action figures to costumes, Batman evolved into an imaginary American hero recognized by many. In 2005 Time Warner created ‘Batman Begins’, the first high-budget picture produced by Christopher Nolan. Up until this point Batman had mostly been viewed as a comic book character. However, this marked the beginning of a new era for Batman and a...
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Film as a visual culture (especially in today’s world) has multiple purpose and aims to educate the viewer while also entertaining them and giving them the chance ponder over the human experiences throughout. Naturally not every film manages to obtain the goals previously mentioned, in fact many don’t even attempt to. Films that manage to entertain and provoke discussion are handy projects that can be used for education. When attempting to create a piece of work that tackles the tricky...
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The film ‘The Dark Knight’ is a well-known movie and has earned 8 Academy Award nominations, and has also won 2 Academy Awards. This amount of appreciation is no surprise considering the effort that was put into the movie and the movies significant meaningful story. The film shows many different perspectives from the same story, from a representation of the society to the paths each character takes to achieve the same goal known as satisfaction. Set within a year after...
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‘The Dark Knight’ is an inspiring film directed by Christopher Nolan. Batman is no longer a comical book because Christopher translated it into a sensational movie that became a captivating tragedy. Due to the best technical quality and direction of this film, the viewer can relate the comical writings and the reality in life situations. The film is not just a simplistic view of what is good and evil but a true indicator of how the world is. For instance,...
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‘The Dark Knight’ directed by Christopher Nolan, is a very action-packed superhero movie that is fun for people ages 12 to 35. This film tells the story of all the crime that happens in Gotham City and the beginning of the Joker, an insane, but an ingenious and detailed crime planner. The Joker, who is destroying the city, is fighting against Batman, the vigilante of Gotham. Batman, along with district attorney Harvey Dent, is trying to stop all the crime...
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Good and evil are very difficult terms to define. Some would seek help from their religions to help them determine whether a person is good or evil. It appears good and evil is based more on perspective than a set-in stone definition. Sources of good a d evil in today’s society is criminals are the evil and the non-offenders are the good even though that is not always the case. It affects the individual and society negatively. People become like...
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‘The Dark Knight’ is by far the best superhero movie ever made to this day. Eleven years later to its initial release date it will always remain my top choice. Directed by Christopher Nolan who has helped produce many famous movies like ‘Inception’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Dunkirk’, and as we know the Batman trilogy. The Batman trilogy has changed the superhero movie scene, all other movies are striving to be more like ‘Batman’. Every other superhero movie that has come after it...
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