‘The Dark Knight’: Good Vs Evil

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Good and evil are very difficult terms to define. Some would seek help from their religions to help them determine whether a person is good or evil. It appears good and evil is based more on perspective than a set-in stone definition. Sources of good a d evil in today’s society is criminals are the evil and the non-offenders are the good even though that is not always the case. It affects the individual and society negatively. People become like dogs. If they conform to the concept of good and evil set by society, they are rewarded. Your efforts are recognized. You get a pat on the back. You get a biscuit. They tell you, “Good boy!”. And because you’ve become a dog you wag your tail and bask in all that attention. You feel good about being the obedient dog. If you don’t conform to that concept you are punished. They frown. They yell. They disapprove. They won’t give you any biscuit. They will shun you and tell you, “Bad boy!”. You must pay for your bad behavior. And because of all this you are afraid of not obeying. So, what do we get? A society of dogs who do things for the lure of reward and fear of punishment.

The title of the movie is ‘The Dark Knight’. The main characters are Christian Bale as Batman, Rachel Dawes as Maggie and Heath Ledger as the Joker. These are the main characters. The director of ‘The Dark Knight’ is Christopher Nolan, and produced by Christopher Nolan, Charles Roven and Emma Thomas. ‘The Dark Knight’ is rated M. Most people say the movie is dark and exciting and is a very well-presented action movie. The main theme of ‘The Dark Knight’ is escalation, such that each event leads to an escalation that results from the choices Batman and James Gordon make. A separate source said that if one were to start from the beginning the movie can be seen as sequence of small games with the first being the robbery scene.

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One year after the events of ‘Batman Begins’ (2008), Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and District Attorney Harvey Dent plan to launch an attack on the mob by arresting the shady accountant of the mob, Lau. Lau is abducted from his building by Batman and is thrown into jail. Lau divulges the secrets which results in almost all the mob bosses thrown in jail. The desperate mob bosses turn to the Joker, a sadistic psychopath with green hair, completely yellow teeth, and a custom purple suit. The Joker kills the judge, the police commissioner, and tries to kill the Mayor and Harvey. The acts of the Joker produce anarchy and chaos in the people of Gotham, forcing Batman to come to terms to which may seem to be his greatest test to fight injustice and come closer to the fine line between hero and vigilante. In some ways, they show good versus evil, which is how Batman works with the police, all trying to take down the bad guy, The Joker. And as the ‘good’ character (Batman) always wins/defeats the other, then the bad guy (the Joker) never wins.

If this kind of thing happened in real life, society would be just as judgmental as in the movies and would automatically indicate who they think is the bad guy and who is the good guy.

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