How Volunteering Changed My Life Essay

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Community service and volunteering improves society and a person’s general wellbeing. Volunteering builds strong communities and ties a various group of people together. I started volunteering once I entered high school to satisfy my schools requirements of forty-eight volunteer hours per year. initially, I saw volunteering as a hassle despite my mom's dedication to community service and selflessness. Most of the activities I had been participating in held little significance to me. I babysat and helped my neighbors to earn my hours of community service. It wasn’t until I reached eleventh grade that volunteering became real to me. I started directly helping people in need. This opened my eyes to how privileged I used to be, and exactly what quantity I had taken without any consideration.

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I believe volunteering changed the way I once overlooked the only. The experience that drastically changed my perspective was volunteering at CHKD. I volunteered in the transitional care unit every day for 3 weeks during the summer of my junior year. the youngsters lived there, and most were confined to their beds. All the youngsters during this unit were born without the flexibility to breathe independently. Some children had exceeded the percentages and developed the aptitude to speak and almost breathe. the youngsters ranged in age from infants to pre-teens. Despite their constant struggles, a smile was never hard to seek out. This experience showed me that regardless of how big my problems seem I'm truly blessed.

Once a person has found the best opportunity for them, volunteering takes on a deeper meaning. My high school supported the Walk forever. They informed us that it had been a walk that discouraged abortion and encouraged pro-life standards. This interested much of our student body to the purpose that over 1/2 of our faculty participated or raised money for the cause. I had the chance to lift awareness and walk around the Norfolk City Zoo with friends for an excellent cause. Our student body came together for a cause we all shared a belief in. Our high school came together all over again in the city at the new Union Mission. They were in desperate need of volunteers because they had just moved into their new location. They split our year into groups reckoning on our natural talents. the bulk of ladies were inside the women’s shelter putting in rooms, organizing clothes, or packing bags of food. the boys in our group unloaded an awfully large donation of food from a truck while repacking it with the food we had packed. I used to be ready to use my organizational skills to get everyone together and work efficiently. Although the weather was against us, we all made it through and laughed about it after, now that we were ready to feel our extremities. We knew we had fed many families just in time for Thanksgiving. In remembrance of the quantity of your time and energy given towards community service, I firmly believe that it's directly affected my life and therefore the lives of others.

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