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Leadership is the ability of a personal or a gaggle of people to effect and lead supporters or alternative members of a corporation. Leaders are needed in most areas, such as business, politics, regions, and community organizations. This report will talk about my best leadership experience, an inspirational leader for me, two group activities this semester, values, beliefs, and assumptions about leadership, and my leadership philosophy.

Critical reflection

Best personal leadership experience

When I was in high school, our school set up a psychology department for students, which is mainly to understand the psychological development of students and timely help them when they are depressed or in trouble. I was the psychological representative of our class, and the most important event for me was the annual competition. The competition is that each class has to come up with a witty skit, and then the judges choose the best one to be the champion. Therefore, I am a leader in the skit. I told them my only requirement is that we do it well and you can decide how you want to do it. Because I think this is the best way to mobilize our enthusiasm. As a result, every student actively participated in the rehearsal. Although in the end we only got third place in the competition, I still feel like it was not a bad decision. Because we tried our best, and the time spent working together is more valuable than the result.

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My leadership experience is aligned with Laissez-faire leadership. In this style, the leader does not interfere or direct his subordinates to make decisions, which means that leaders let subordinates do their jobs in the way they choose, without strict policies or procedures. (St. Thomas University, 2018). This approach makes the team more cohesive and stronger. That was the way I led, because I think as long as everybody works towards the same result, team members can choose the way they want to use it.

Inspirational leader- Zhengfei Ren

Zhengfei Ren is the current President of Huawei, he is the founder as well. The way he leads his company is that he thinks the most capable people should get the highest salary, not the leader. Therefore, competent people will be well-treated in his company. The most important is employee ownership, Zhengfei Ren owns less than 1.5% stock of Huawei, and the rest is in the hands of employees. (Saarinen, 2010). At Huawei, employees with strong working ability, a sense of responsibility and good performance will be allocated shares. In my opinion, the biggest feature of his leadership style is employee stock ownership. The reason is this behavior can cause workers to treat the corporation they work for as their own, they take their work seriously and responsibly. workers are a lot willing to require the initiative after they are unit rewarded. His influence on me is how to make employees work as hard as possible, which is by empowering them by encouraging participation and providing the best interest.

The leadership style of Zhengfei Ren is transformational leadership. This kind of leader is willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the team, they motivate employees and attract followers. (St. Thomas University, 2018). This is how Zhnegfei Ren attracts talent, he attracts talent by giving employees stakes and high salaries.

Team experiences this semester

This semester we have two different teams doing different activities. I think we did well in the first group because we did enough research before testing. I remember searching for all the possible questions before one test, So I did not drag my team members down, and our team got good results in that test. However, in the second group, our results were not good. I think I have a great responsibility, I did not find useful information when we did the first task, and there were a lot of due at that time, so I did not read all of the paper before starting the second test. In the two groups I also learned a lot, the most important thing is communication, and not only in class.

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