Divorce Narrative Essay

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I have heard many compliments from “You're doing a good job” “You're amazing when you put your mind to things” and of course “You're going to do great things when you get older.” I have always minimized my achievements and never took pride in any of my accomplishments. Deep down I felt I didn’t deserve any admiration no matter what I accomplished. I took Dual Enrollment and AP courses while achieving Honor roll, and being the most active volunteer in NHS. None of it mattered to me, because I felt like anyone could have accomplished the same thing as me with enough motivation and effort. I didn’t see this model student whom others bragged about. I saw myself as someone with more drive than others

I was raised in a caring and loving family in which we had everything we ever needed. If I or my brother needed anything we got it a laptop, phone, or even just money. The day I found out that my parents were getting a divorce had a devastating impact on my mind and heart. I didn’t realize how spoiled and lucky we truly were until after my parents’ divorce. We lived with my grandmother and went to a public school instead of a private school. I started to experience a new life in which I got to meet new friends and teachers. I started to slowly realize how no one if few had the upbringing I had which made me feel isolated inside. So any achievement I had I never talked about it unless forced to. I started to not care about learning as much, so I could fit in with others and feel like I was not the only one.

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When I was in 10th grade my father started to appear back in my life, I never felt simultaneously so happy and sad. Because you don’t bring back good memories without the bad ones. Having both parents in my life, rekindled a drive in my heart to strive and learn more. I wanted nothing more than to please my parents and excel whenever I had the chance to. I started to take AP classes, challenge myself, and meet friends who had similar ambitions and goals to strive for. I saw and still see myself as someone who is still growing, changing, and improving. I started to come to terms with who I am and my accomplishments.

Even throughout my parents’ divorce, it was a blessing in disguise I got to see things from a new perspective.

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