Black Lives Should Matter

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African Americans struggle daily with racism or racial slurs. Black lives should be respected and not taken as a joke or being harm by other races. By the color, of their skin, etc. African Americans are being attacked everyday by police or sociality. It should not happen because we are all equal. It does not matter by the race or region or who they support.

When people think black lives do matter, they thought or think of how African Americans get racial profiled by the color of their race. And the police put African Americans under false arrest which include: intimidation, racial profiling, political repression, surveillance abuse, sexual abuse and police corruption. Black Lives should not be a joke in our sociality. “Black Lives matter because black people are persons. One of the greatest tragedies in American history was the myth that America could flourish without blacks flourish as persons”. People’s public opinion about it, “A majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of Black Lives Matter, although opinions on the protest movement cut sharply along racial and partisan lines, according to a new poll'. An amid of the swirl of public opinions the polls have been commissionable and it's a slippery business. The violence being against “black and brown bodies has deep and inextricable roots in the history of the United States”. Back in the day public schools could not teach black slaves to write or read. Today, it’s not illegal and now black children can be able to read and write. BLM haves a bold mode of advocacy and it makes demands than of proposals also it can be identified for more challenges other than the victories. The split is not why we fear Black Lives Matter it’s for a far-reaching call or “reaching out for change implicate long-standing institutions”. BLM is considered as a “radical” concept for three major reasons.

The Black Lives Matter Movement it’s unrelenting the work on the issues of the police corruptions and it also helped incite of the release “of four unprecedented U.S Department of Justice reports that confirm the widespread presence of Police” for corruption in these areas: Baltimore, Ferguson, Cleveland, and Chicago. A lot of sociality has suggested that is erroneously for the BLM movement that been silent down in time of Trump. The nonetheless, it would have been a mistake for to assume that BLM haves been “dwindling away simply because the cameras are no longer present”. BLM purpose is to show a public land for a variety of the uses like energy development, recreation, ensuring natural, livestock grazing, and timber harvesting while ensuring natural, cultural, historic resources are maintained for present and future use.

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Black Lives Matter is a Global Network with a member-led organization for a mission to build a local power and for to intervene with violence.

Way before BLM, it ever captured an public spotlight with an variety of people with groups that had a issue with thoughtful reports with an detailed policy of recommendations of how to decrease the police violence for African Americans groups or communities. The average number of police that are officers came intentionally killed each year. It was dropped to its lowest matching during the Barack Obama’s presidency- the antipathy corruption is still a day to day repeat in the United States, also “ many feel that state-wide policies to curb it should be extend beyond the black community” to include for the police themselves. BLM have now described itself for a “chapter-based nation organization working for the validity of black life”. For the article in the Washington Post least 1,502 people been shot and killed by the police that are on-duty. This been going on since 2015 beginning of that year. Black Americans are mostly likely to be shot and killed than white Americans who been killed by police officers also.

Black Lives should matter anyway regardless, not by their race, color, or their sex. It’s because of that all of us are all equal and all of us bleed the same blood and process the same. The sociality now separates black lives and there are not being treated the same as other people with a different skin color. At the end of day, the police should not be pulling the race card on African Americans. Most of the time it’s a false arrest. Most people separate African Americans all the time and not be able to be threaten the same as other races. African Americans who get attacked by police, 32% where unarmed and did not have a gun on them. That’s more than white people who are also unarmed and get attacked or killed by police. Black Lives are equal to other people lives all of them should be able to be threaten like other races the same way.

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