Bacon's Rebellion and Its Historical Significance

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The Bacon Rebellion is a revolt caused by the settlers of Virginia in 1676. It was a war fought by the native against white colonizers. The revolt caused hundreds of dead whites and Native Amricans in Virginia and Maryland. In the process, Virginia’s capital Jamestown was burned down by Nathaniel Bacon and his followers. The leader of the rebellion was Nathaniel Bacon, who ran against governor Willam Berkeley, and was also a colony settler in Virginia, he was considered the instigator of the Rebellion of 1676.

Bacon’s rebellion took place in 1676. The rebellion began because of a reaction to economic, social, and political orders in Virginia. Before the rebellion, the most used form of labour were white interduant servants. The servant would essentially make a contract with elite planters. The planters would pay for their expenses to the free world in exchange for them working in tobacco farms for about 7 years.

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Nathaniel and his followers raided several Native American villages and killed many of them living in the area. Governor Berkely wanted this stop but Nathaniel didn't; instead of stopping he then marched to Jamestown and set it on fire. National died shortly after by an illness. Governor Berkelky then hung 23 of his followers. This event caused many consequences. Bacon’s Rebellion caused hundreds upon hundreds of Native and white colonizers deaths in Maryland and Virginia. Bacon’s Rebillion marked the point in our history to shift econimic slavery to purley racial slavery.

The house of Burgesses and the leaders and planters of Virginia were very worried. In that time many servants were almost done serving their time, the servants would then become free whites who basically have the same rights as Englishmen. The planters had very little work for them, and little land. Therefore they thought this might cause constant rebellions so they switched to a different source of labor, one that will never have it’s freedom. Racial slavery, mostly from West Africa.

This event has a huge significance to our history. Bacon’s Rebellion marked the point in our history to shift econimic slavery to purley racial slavery. This has affected many people then and even now. Although slavery existed before Bacon’s rebillion, it was arguably the start of racism in America some would say. This tells me many things about the era, people started to own more and more slaves and that built up hatred against the groups.

Racism has really affected America unfortunately. We see plenty of dicremantion then and even now. People are still protesting for equality. Afrcian Americans are still suffering from racism to this day. Recently a huge movement (BLM) was created to protest against police brutality, although there’s plenty of controversy surrounding the movement, I personally think it comes down to one goal is everyone to be equal. It really hurts when people neglect the statement by saying “All Lives Matters”, although I agree 100% that all human beings have the same unalienable rights I also think that we should focus on minorities that don’t yet have those rights. Most people that use “All Lives Matter” as their counter argument are mostly saying it to not have the spotlight on minorities' lives that need it.

Personally I’ve experienced plenty of discriminatory acts or even racism before, I still vividly remember when I came to America in fifth grade, people thought I didn’t know or speak english so they were surprised. This was completely normal in my opinion. What really saddened me is when I was getting on the bus one day to go back home. I was approaching a certain area in the bus and this one young lady said to me and I still vividly remember the exact words “Your black you're not allowed back here”. I was shocked, confused, and didn't know what to do. I quickly ignored her and sat on a different seat. This was my first experience of discrimnation and racism in America. After the incident I went home and really thought about it and self reflected, I asked if i did anything wrong, or did I offend her in any way? I was really young and confused. It really hit and saddened me because everything was new to me, back home in Sudan everyone was basically family; neighbors, teachers,classmates, and everyone was basically connected if anyone needed help with anything they would ask the first person they found. I think a big part of why we all were like a family is because of our religion. Islam connected us all and the religion’s rulings made it easy for everyone to have a better and peaceful life. I’ve also encountered many other hurtful comments such as “Go back to your country” and more. That incident really opened my eyes and made me learn and accept things that could and will happen in the feature. Up until this point I have experienced plenty of racial comments, discriminatory incidents, and more. I always try to brush it off as a joke and continue with my day. I’ve gotten used to it. I personally think racism will last for a while. People will forever stick with what they believe. Although it’s really sadding, I think that is a part of life, as everyone often says life is unfair.

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