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Pocahontas and the First Settlers of Jamestown: Descriptive Essay

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Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in North America, I would prefer to live there because it was a time in which women were needed in order for Jamestown to thrive, I would have the chance to meet Pocahontas’s son, and I would get the chance in being known as a historical figure.

The first settlers of Jamestown were males in 1607, but a year after that females began to arrive. Mistress Forrest and her maid, Anne Burras were the two of the first women to arrive at Jamestown. The first wedding in Jamestown pertained to Anne Burras and John Laydon, they had four daughters. Fortunately, their family overcame the “starving time”. That was a time in which 75% of Jamestown’s population ceased owing to sickness and disease. In 1619, men became aware that they needed women and families to succeed therefore if I were to choose when to settle at Jamestown, I would prefer to arrive during the 1620s when the mail-order bride program was organized. This was a program put together in attempts of boosting the female population to stabilize the colony. Women were loaned transportation, clothing, linens, furnishing, and even land if they agreed to move to Jamestown in search of a husband. Given that women could choose their husband, I would be able to find a wealthy male to become my husband, he would then pay for my expenses. I see this as an opportunity to explore the New World and receive freedoms that were unavailable to English women at the time.

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Unfortunately, I would not get the opportunity to meet Pocahontas since I would arrive after her passing. Pocahontas was the daughter of a very powerful prince of the Powhatan Empire of Virginia. Pocahontas was kidnapped by the English in 1613 and was used as ransom for Chief Powhatan to release English prisoners, send food, and return English weapons. Sadly, her father only sent half the ransom and left her imprisoned, she was then converted into Christianity and her name was changed to “Rebecca” during her time as a prisoner she met John Rolfe whom she later married, their marriage established a bit of peace between Powhatan and the English. Pocahontas and John had a son named Thomas in 1615 and in 1617 all three of them set to sail to Virginia but Pocahontas became very ill and passed away. Rolfe returned to Virginia, but Thomas remained in England with relatives. In 1635 Thomas Rolfe returned to Virginia to claim his inheritance left by his grandfather. I would be living there during that time, ergo I would get the chance to meet Thomas and maybe even rewrote history by attempting and succeeding in marrying him.

If I don’t succeed in marrying Thomas, I would still get some recognition for being a ‘tobacco wife’ and being there when Jamestown needed women the most. Overall, I would get the opportunity to experience living in this new world and stabilizing force in Virginia. It was also a chance to impact a change for women going from the customary role in agricultural labor to being able to devote some labor to hoeing, tilling, worming, or harvesting crop. It is empowering to know that in a way man depended on us women to maintain the household producing food and supplies, with the knowledge I have now I would be able to apply it back then and hopefully make a difference.

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