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Captain John Smith and Settlers in Jamestown: Analytical Essay

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During john smith’s voyages, there were multiple conflicts between many people the voyagers and the Indians, and the voyagers among themselves. are the conflicts the foundation of America’s colonization? what he includes as well as his diction informs us about the conflicts between the English and the natives as well as superior officers and their men establishing the foundational conflicts of our country’s birth.

The conflicts started with john smith and he already made decisions about the Indians the passage starts out with him calling them “salvages”. Before he even got to meet them he was already saying that they would steal things from him in the passage he writes when God the patron of all good indevours, in that desperate extremitie so changed the hearts of the Salvages, that they brought such plenty of their fruits, and provision, as no man wanted. Also, he is just always very sure that they will do the worst thing always assumed it he says “expecting as it happened that the Salvages would assault them, as not long after they did with a most hydeous noyse” he was expecting them to act barbaric and not with any class like they all had he was being very racist. also in the writing, he often looks down on their culture and traditions they do which is not really what someone who cares of doesn’t wanna judge people would do. In the writings he says “which done, three more such like devils came rushing in with the like antique tricks, painted half black, half red: but all their eyes were painted white, and some red strokes like Mutchato’s, along their cheeks: round about him those fiends danced a pretty while, and then came in three more as ugly as the rest” in context he is asked to join in on their cultural worship and religious culture and is making fun of how they look.

His behavor could be the reason that led to the other conflict to capture and murder of other english men that where there for exploration the inidna would capture the people then they took them all and kill them all exect john they too him ad brought him to there leader. They held him captive and i don’t believe they were going to let him go until Pocahontas saved him”Pocahontas the Kings dearest daughter, when no entreaty could prevail, got his head in her arms, and laid her owne upon his to save him from death: whereat the Emperour was contented he should liue to make him hatchets, and her bells, beads, and copper; for they thought him as well of all occupations as themselves” in this passage it shows even the littlest thing she saves his life and that even though there was a conflict that it can be resolved and things can get worked out.

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In an article by the national park service, they said “Originally, the colony was governed by a council of seven men, and Captain Smith had been named by the Virginia Company to serve on this council. Ironically, he was arrested for mutiny on the voyage to Virginia, narrowly escaping being hanged, and arrived at Jamestown as a prisoner. Fortunately, through the efforts of Jamestown’s minister, Reverend Robert Hunt, he was allowed to assume his council position.” this shows even trying to run the town with a civilized government was hard.

The first months of Jamestown were very difficult due to food shortages, unhealthy drinking water, disease, and unproductive council leadership because of fighting. Becaus eof the low foos supply smith went to the Powhatan villages securing food. On one expidiont inpaticular he was captured along with many others but was the only to survive by a large Powhatan hunting party and and takne on a long jounry to many Powhatan villages, he ended up being taken to Chief Powhatan.

This encounter resulted in Smith’s famous story of being rescued from death by Pocahontas, the wife of Chief Powhatan. He was Then escorted back to Fort James. By that time, there were still just 38 of the 104 colonists left. In January 1608, many settlers arrived in Jamestown, and Chief Powhatan sent some supplies to the British, but tragedy struck with the accidental burning of most of the fort in early January. The extreme cold that winter, together with the lack of shelter and food from the flames, resulted in more deaths

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