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Black Live Matter Essay

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Last year, the American black teenager Michael Brown has been shot dead by a white police officer. Ten days, after Brown was shot, a young black man was shot by a police officer again. It leads in 2018, some demonstrations against the rights of black people, and the freedom of life broke out. And all these issues, causing these all from Black Lives Matter — which is a big problem in America for a very long time. Meaning of BML, BML is an activity that originated in African-American communities and targeted black violence and systemic racism. But for this matter, the world’s attitude towards this issue is actually polarization. Many people think that not only happen in the group of black people and that it is only a geographical problem. But for my claim, people should support Black Lives Matter. I will describe it in three aspects—equality, natural rights, and freedom of thought.

First, every person has their own freedom of thought. In the ancient world, Voltaire was one of the famous people who support that people have their own freedom of thought. “Voltaire argued for the separation of religion and state and also allowed freedom of belief and religious tolerance. Voltaire had a mixed opinion of the Bible and was willing to criticize it. Though not professing a religion, he believed that in God, as a matter of reason.” (Pomeau Henry) This evidence shows that Voltaire thought that everyone should have the freedom to express what they were thinking. And also now in society, black people in America have held on a club and set up a new website called the Black Lives Matter Global Network to separate the information that can help the black people that rights are violated. Their original intention to create this group and their desires are simply to hope that in today’s social environment that is so unfair to black people, there will be a platform for them to freely express their opinions and thoughts. At the same time, I hope that through this platform, the black community can have the freedom of thought they should have, rather than the white-based ideological system. For people, every person has their own thoughts because of the experience that they have before. And also humans are having different values and world views, and they will not have the same advice based on their memories. For black people, people’s prejudice against them comes from previous history and the current society’s understanding of their deformities. But it is not to be obstructed, or even to deprive anyone of their reasons for freedom of thought.

Second, all men are created equal. John Locke—was the person who supported that everyone is equal. “Each person is naturally free and equal under the law of nature, subject only to the will of ‘the infinitely wise Maker.’ Each person, moreover, is required to enforce as well as to obey this law” (Graham A.J. Rogers) For what John Locke said, “Each person is naturally free and equal”. But today’s words and society, there are more unequal treaties and unequal rights for black people, and even invasion of their privacy and lives. When Obama was the president of the United States, he was often highly controversial because of his black identity and his handling of black lives matter. “Obama pointed out and saying that focus on ‘black lives matter is not meaning that government reducing the importance of otherpeople” (Carimah Townes). No matter whether black people or white people, they are all born in the same way, and they should be treated the same way as whites and respected. Everyone has equal rights. And these equal rights are not limited to color and race, nor to adults or children. Equality is the right that everyone has from birth. It can not be deprived by anyone in any way.

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Last but not least, natural rights are for everybody. Also, John Locke, explained the meaning of natural rights, “The legislative body is central, but it can create laws that violate the law of nature, because the enforcement of the natural law regarding life, liberty, and property is the rationale of the whole system.” (GrahamA.J. Rogers) And for society, “Natural law in the American legal system is centered on the belief that everything in life has a purpose, and that humans’ main purpose is to strive to live a life that is both ‘good’ and happy. Any behaviors or actions that deliberately obstruct that one simple goal is considered to be unnatural or ‘immoral’” (anonymity) The meaning of natural rights are life, liberty, and property. And now in life, black has been severely damaged to varying degrees on all three sides.

But nowadays, not only do people pay no attention to black lives matter, but even the government has ambiguity about black lives matter. “Many politicians have criticized the black lives matter and believe that they should not focus on the specific injustices of African Americans” (Carimah Townes) And for Obama—one of the black people presidents of the United States pointed out the problem, “ There is a specific problem that is happening in the African-American community that’s not happening in other communities”(Carimah Townes) The reason why this black lives matter is difficult to solve is due to the particularity of the problem – because this problem is not so serious in other races. And It is precise because of that other races do not have the social recognition and social respect as the desire of the black race. Now what they are doing is just to get back the rights they should have at the outset, equality, and the opportunity to judge them for justice. Every year, some white police are still acquitted or have no verdict after killing black people, but the families of the blacks killed are hard to appeal to. This behavior is an unfair treatment of black people’s natural rights.

In conclusion, people should support Black lives matter. Because people who are alive are equal, and they have their own freedom to think about everything. Also, they can pretend their own lives, liberty, and property. No one, black or white, is free to deprive others of their rights, freedoms, and their lives. However, in the current society, both the realistic pressure and the society are unfair and oppressive to black people. And many of the current prejudices against black people come from historical prejudices and misconceptions about black people. And the reason why people should support Black lives matter is for peace and love for the whole world. They created a new culture and make a better world. Although it is to hope that the world will be better, it is to squeeze the rights and lives of others to achieve their own ideals. This is a very selfish situation. So, supporting Black Lives Matter not only maintains the rights and lives of black people but also creates a better world. word cited

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