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Does Money Buy Happiness Essay

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Happiness is something essential in our everyday lives. It is a part of the building blocks of living a good life. I find joy in wrestling, family, friends, my phone, and fun activities. I find happiness and joy in these because I am usually spending time with the ones I love and care about. Other people can find happiness in many things whether it’s their car, house, family, and many others. This leads us to the question… can money buy happiness? If money does buy us happiness, do we enjoy working for that money? Are the rich people truly happy? How can I live to have a happy life? I believe that money can buy temporary happiness, but real happiness, real long-lasting joy comes from doing the things you love with the ones you care about.

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Most people work, go to school, or do something that helps them or their family to make money. So, my question is, if money can buy us happiness, do we enjoy working for that money? Now 60% percent of Americans are employed (). Out of that 60%, only 32% enjoy working. With a bit of math, 19.2% of the United States population enjoy working. So, that means about 80% of Americans are spending more than half their day unhappy working for money, which can maybe buy them happiness depending on how they use it. Is it worth it? Does it make sense to take the job that will earn you a few extra bucks or take the job you enjoy and make just a steady living? Let’s say you do take the unhappy job that earns you a little more money. You work all those years, retire, pay off your house, and have a really nice car, but your relationship with your family is terrible because you spent all your time at the office. You look back at all those years, slaving away at a job that made you upset and angry at times. You have no real friends and your family despises you, but hey, you got a real nice-looking car there… money cannot buy happiness, happiness is found in spending time with the ones you love doing what you love.

The wealthy people live the “perfect” life, with luxury cars, mansions, pools, and endless vacations. They never have to worry about the next time they’re going to eat or if they can provide for their family. Seems like a pretty easy, happy life. Are they truly happy though? Studies show that “at a certain level of wealth, the next million isn’t going to suddenly revolutionize their lifestyle. What drives people, once they’ve reached that point, to keep pursuing more?” (). Basically, saying that once you’ve reached that high point of being rich. People lose that drive to want more in life. They figure that their life should be perfect. But everyone knows no one’s life is perfect it just can’t. So that is saying, whenever a minor problem shows up, the rich are going to act like the world is going to end. They’ll crumble and be very sad, maybe get depression. About 62% of American celebrities suffer from a mental illness of sort (). Even with all that fame, glory, and money, they are not satisfied or happy. True happiness comes from the people you love and care about. Not money nor fame can give you that same happiness.

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