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Happiness Is More Important Than Money: An Essay

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Many people will do everything to get some money even the thing that can harm their lives. Some cannot live without money. It has been said that money makes the world go around. That’s the main reason why people kill someone because they are greedy for money. Even we the students, we study hard so that we can get money in the future to buy our needs and wants. Even so I believe that money can’t buy happiness. It is something that we cannot live without. It is clearly that money cannot buy happiness. Many couples are anger to one another because of money. One of them are using money to get their wants, their luxury to gain more power for their self. Many families do not have much time to each other because they have a lot of worked to do to earn money even though they cannot spend their money because of the heavier workload that they had. They do not have some energy to go to the mall for shopping because they are so tired for the whole day business that they encountered. Thus, people who work hard to get much money does not bring happiness to their live but a misery.

Worst is that money is the main suspect, why many couples and families that are facing difficulty in their relationship. Like the situation that we face sometimes in the Filipino families we sometimes fight over the inheritance that we will get. What else makes sense why we save so much money when every family’s relationship breaks down or ruin.

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However, from a different point of view, money is the reason why someone makes happy. For others, earning enough money can pay to their monthly bills, their whole month supply of foods. For other people, it could be the reason to buy things and to travel their dream vacation. Afterall, some persons are not happy because they face financial problems.

Mark Twain once said, “The lack of money is the root of evil”. As for me, I agree with this statement, because as I have observed, there are lot of couples, families and friends are not in a good relationship because they have lack of money. Like for an example: to the couple, since they have lack of money so there is a possibility that one of her or his partner use an illegal act like involvement drugs and others are having a mistress in order to get more money. Some of the government employees also are doing graft and corruption in order to get more money to satisfy their needs and wants. While other families, they don’t have a good relationship because of the unequal wealth that they have inherit. Some are committed a crime because of money.

In finally realization, I can say that it is not money, or it is the lack of money, which is the root of all evil. People can cross their moral limits in pursuit of money. Sometimes people forget that money is just one of essential thing not everything. We should not forget the true value of our life. The most important thing that we should always do is to count the blessings that we receive each day and not counting of money because the people who love money can always do an evil act. We should give a great value and have a good relationship to our fellowmen. Love of them is the most important and not the love of money for it bring us into a root of all evil.

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