Was the Cold War Inevitable? Essay

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Gaddis started off with stating that before the 20th century, the relationship between Russian-soviet and US were mutiny acknowledged tradition of non-interference. So, after the development of transportation and communication it was hard for both countries to put up which each other, as well as the US questioning whether it was normal to associate with a government that was so cruel its own people. Gaddis began with how the ideologies came about in WW2 as there were fundamental challenges to the international state system itself. For instance, Gaddis argued that the Leninism ideology that developed was inherently contrasting with the other nation as the goal was to spread the world of revolution. Therefore, through determination both nations thought history would side with their ideology and that ideology was inevitable. Instead, Gaddis argued that both countries shed away their ideological goals. Lenin transformed his government into tranny, which was not a Marx goal. Also, Stalin's murder purge of up to 22 millions 23 of his own people before WW2. In terms of US of staying clear of present danger they withdrew themselves from world politics thus made them leave Germany to rebuild and rearm for themselves after the Nazis regime. Ultimately, Gaddis argued that they both entered the geopolitical arena because Hitler declared war on both countries.

Further to this, Gaddis pointed out underlying events that brought the soviet view of the unilateral security which caused conflict with the US multilateral security to produce a sphere of influence.24 One being of coercion and the other consent. For instance, the allies of the Atlantic charter (1941): Roosevelt and Churchill proclaimed post-war objectives to deliver international security through the multilateral approach, self-determination, open-market, and collective security.25. Whilst Stalin was to declare close lined state security with personal security which should be accomplished through depriving others of it plus gaining territory. Evidently shown in the Nazi-soviet of 1339 just before Hitler invaded Germany, he and Stalin agreed to a secret non-aggression pact and agreed to divide the Eastern Europe but subsequently Hitler disregarded the treaty as he declared war on Russia two years later. As well as the demand of the Baltic States even though they attacked war on them illegitimately, American still accepted a soviet sphere of influence from the Baltic to the Adriatic. Whereas the US believed more in collective good, thus Gaddis argued that it led to inevitable conflict. However, the argument was plausible that the ideologies were a reason for the origins of the cold war but was insufficient. Instead, he argued that their magnitude and power wielded during the cold war was quite different which was seen by other historians of the cold war, he saw them as two incomparable empires.26. Thus, Gaddis swayed to the orthodox perspective holding Russia- soviet to blame, Stalin.

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Gaddis places a significant blame on Stalin. Although the US and Soviet Union had fundamentally different versions of the post-war world, Stalin's version was far from different as he sought to advance Russian interest by setting up a ring of subservient undemocratic states around his country. Thus, gaddis argued that it was inevitable that the rivalries would believe that he causes fissures and perhaps war amongst the capitalist nations. As Gaddis observes, Stalin was convinced of the capitalist fratricide.27 would eventually allow the Soviets to dominate Europe. Thus, he went on to argue that Stalin's narcissistic pre-despotism'.28 was an obsession with security at all costs but crucially the reason why the predictable tension in the US-Soviet relationship had been rooted since the Russian Revolution. To conclude, Gaddis emphasised that although their wide range of factors pushing the superpowers into conflict, Stalin's paranoia was still to blame.

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