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Exploratory Essay on Fascism

What was fascism and why did it happen? How did it affect the city of Florence? Fascism and its Effects on the City of Florence Fascism refers to the form of government whereby one party exercises dictatorship and forcefully suppresses the opposing party. Fascism is against democracy and puts one nation or state above the others. Fascist governments are often militaristic and racist regimes headed by a dictator. This type of government rose to prominence in the early 20th century...
2 Pages 999 Words

Why Did the US Lose the Vietnam War: Argumentative Essay

The United States was involved in the war in Vietnam, broken down along the lines of the administrations of Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. The US entered the Vietnam War to stop the spread of communism and lost it by 1973. The origins of the failure were the fact that the United States was committed to an indigenous political leadership that had lost the hearts and minds of the people. The United States drastically misjudged, by wrongly attributing by being involved...
3 Pages 1590 Words

Was the Iraq War Justified: Essay

A lot of Americans will guarantee that no additions could pay the value of what we paid with the outcome of the Iraq War. Because there were lost lives and untold several billions of dollars. Yet, we paid a far more significant expense in the Korean War with up to 36,000 dead. Maybe a couple would have thought in 1953 that this war, which finished with a halted and assaulted landmass, was a furious achievement. The result looks impressively better...
1 Page 506 Words

Techniques Used in World War II Propaganda Posters: Analytical Essay

When World War II began, Britain released several propaganda posters. Through diction, symbolism, and imagery, Britain attempted to persuade its citizens to join in the war effort. Throughout several of the posters, targeted diction is used to convince the audience that it is essential for them to go to war. The emphasis on the word 'our' in one of the posters is meant to make the viewer feel like they need to fight to feel like a part of their...
1 Page 514 Words

Australia's Involvement in World War II and How It Affected Its Citizens: Essay

As part of the British Empire, Australia was one of the first nations to declare war on Nazi Germany between 1939 and 1945. Nearly one million Australian men and women served in World War II. They fought in campaigns against the Axis powers across Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa, as well as against Japan in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The Australian government used wartime regulations like conscription, manpower, rationing, and censorship controls during World War II that affected...
3 Pages 1139 Words

Research Essay about Civil War

So how do you define a Civil War and what criteria do you have to fit to say that your country is at what? The most seen academic definition has two key criteria. ‘’The first says that the warring groups must be from the same country and fighting for control of the political center, control over a separatist state or to force a major change in policy. The second says that at least 1,000 people must have been killed in...
6 Pages 2862 Words

Critical Essay on the Korean War

Conflicts can be classified into two large groups, international and non-international armed conflicts. The UNHCR defines armed conflict as a violent confrontation between two human groups of massive size that will generally result in deaths and material destruction. International law is responsible for ensuring the safety of civilians during conflicts, seeking to limit the suffering of people and regulate combat methods such as nuclear or chemical wars. “on which rest the norms of international law for the protection of victims...
3 Pages 1294 Words

World War 2 Propaganda: Critical Essay

Propaganda is a simple but very effective tool used throughout history. This simple term turned winning sides into wars. What is little known, is how it is used and what made it so effective. Let’s dive deeper into World War 2 where one of the biggest impacts, of propaganda, takes place. This is one of the first major wars in which propaganda was heavily used and affected so many. Propaganda strongly influenced the American people, and the American soldiers' support...
4 Pages 1960 Words

Was World War 2 as a Continuation of World War 1: Analytical Essay

The two deadliest wars in human history, World War 1 and World War 2 had a significant impact on the prevailing world powers of the day. Although the wars have many similarities, they were different in many ways due to their direct causes, execution, and global impact. Prior to World War 1, political developments such as the shifting of powers, European competition for material resources in Africa and Asia, increases in mutual alliances, and the arms race contributed to the...
3 Pages 1488 Words

Causes of World War 2: Critical Essay

In this essay, four main points will be discussed. The first will be ‘Was the dropping of the atomic bombs justified?’ and the second, ‘What were the 3 major causes of WW2? Justify your choices, the third is ‘Why did the Japanese people support the leadership of Hitler or Hirohito?’ and finally, ‘Why did the German people do nothing to stop the Holocaust?’ Was the dropping of the atomic bombs justified? Consider both sides of the argument. In the final...
5 Pages 2500 Words

How Did the Treaty of Versailles Caused World War 2: Analytical Essay

The aim of the Treaty of Versailles was to blame Germany for starting the gruesome war and impose harsh penalties in terms of loss of territories. Far from the “peace without victory” that U.S. President Woodrow Wilson had outlined in his famous Fourteen Points in early 1918, the Treaty of Versailles humiliate Germany while failing to resolve the underlying issues that had led to war in the first place. The short-term French reaction after 1871 was Revanchism: a sense of...
1 Page 612 Words

How Did Pearl Harbor Affect America Economically: Analytical Essay

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an event Americans were not prepared for. The attack led to positive but also negative changes in America. It all started when America needed to put a stop to giving oil to Japan. But even before that Japan relied on different countries to get their resources from since they are an island nation that hardly had any natural resources. Which is why they needed international trade in order for their economy to keep on...
1 Page 502 Words

Essay on Social Effect of World War 2

War is a violent quarrel between two or more parties in a nation. War is one terrible way of scrambling territory of land and sea. War is a violent quarrel between two or more parties in a nation. War causes scrambling territory; by land or by sea. It involves the use of weapons, soldiers, and their blood. When a nation enforces its rights by using force it is considered to be a war. War is one movement in which mankind...
2 Pages 730 Words

Could World War 2 Have Been Prevented: Argumentative Essay

Appeasement was a rational and calculated foreign policy. It was intended to prevent the possibility of a Second World War, In 1961 AJP Taylor published The Origins of the Second World War, where he lays out the Revisionist argument, that Hitler was not looking for World domination, but simply 'continuing the policy of previous German governments in seeking eastward expansion' (3). Taylor tries to argue that by trying to make Germany the most dominant power in Europe or the world...
7 Pages 3066 Words

Belzec Concentration Camp Essay

Adolf Hitler stated: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Hitler’s early life influenced his rise to power, the holocaust itself, and the aftermath of the Holocaust. Adolphus Hitler was born in a small town in Austria-Hungary in 1889 as the second oldest child. He had two younger siblings, but his eldest ran away at age 14 because of their abusive father. That left Adolf to complete most of the chores...
5 Pages 2310 Words

Argumentative Essay on World War 2

No matter what the outcome of world war 2, the outcome would of still been the result of imperialism in one way or another. There were many causes that headed up to the start of World War 2, some of which can be traced back and connected to the first world war. After the first war, many countries were left in economic ruin; as such they have become vulnerable to being taken over by dictators. Dictators taking charge and many...
3 Pages 1363 Words

World War 2 Thesis Statement

Thesis statement: World War two commenced on 1 September 1939 – on 2 September 1945 Soon after Hitler became chancellor, the use Concentration and extermination camps were put in place for order and the organization of deaths/labor for not only those of Jewish decent but also POWs, homosexuals, blacks, anti-war activists, those who were both physically and mentally disabled as well as many others. Concentration and extermination camps had a negative impact after Nazi development, it was obvious that due...
2 Pages 1007 Words

World War 2 Research Paper

Before America joined the fight in World War 2, it was in a state of disarray. The Great Depression, which began in 1929, had ravaged the nation and resulted in record-high numbers of unemployed, 25%. Once Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, this gave the United States an opportunity to join the war full-time as they only aided the allies in a non-combative role. Joining the war would change everything for the United States. In doing so, idle factories were to be...
3 Pages 1488 Words

World War 2 Essay Thesis: How Did World War 2 Affect American Literature

People wanted to see inside concentration camps so they wrote stories and published diaries about them. Warfare was different from wars before they invented and used different bombs and airfare, so everyone wanted to know what the military was using. Also, there were tons of conspiracy theories against the government and in total about the war. World War 2 changed American literature more than anything else. One reason why World War II changed history forever was tons of people wanted...
1 Page 510 Words

Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor: Critical Essay

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an event that many Americans were not prepared for. The attack led to positive but also negative changes in America. It all started when America needed to put a stop to giving oil to Japan. But even before that Japan relied on different countries to get their resources from since they are an island nation that hardly had any natural resources. Which is why they needed international trade in order for their economy to...
2 Pages 821 Words

Short Essay on World War 2 (5 Paragraph)

World War 2 was one of the most tragic wars in the world. World War 2 began on September 3rd, 1939 when Germany declared war on Germany. Most countries were for and against the war because most counties wanted to remain Neutral, some countries faced challenges and there was a low employment rate. During ww2 most countries wanted to remain Neutral. “The neutral powers did not take any side with the hopes of avoiding an attack from the countries at...
1 Page 562 Words

Research Paper on World War 2

World War 2 had a catastrophic impact on every aspect of everyday life. where the stock market crashed. Also, economic inflation had pushed building materials price up and led to materials shortages. As a result of this, the United Kingdom nationalized coal, steel, electric, and gas manufacturing. Pioneered by the infamous Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, and Erich Mendelsohn. Internationalism shares many similarities with modernism but has its unique differences. The modernist movement is the parent...
4 Pages 1956 Words

Pearl Harbor Was Not a Surprise: Critical Essay

As the Ancient Greeks would say, ‘’Desperate times call for desperate measures’’. It all started in Japan in 1939, as newly appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, and his predecessor or antecedent Zengo Yoshida, discuss the United States of America’s embargo, restriction, and impediment that deprives Japan of raw materials they can barely attain in the first place seeing that Japan is an island with scarcely any raw materials to be as independent and prosperous as any...
3 Pages 1345 Words

The Machine Gun and Its Significance in the First World War: Critical Essay

Created by Hiram Maxim in 1884, the machine gun greatly influenced World War I because of its rapid fire and high kill rate. This is because the machine gun was one of the most common and effective guns at this time. During the war, one of the main causes of death was from machine guns. Therefore, the introduction of the machine gun ended up having the highest impact on the death toll because they were so effective and were soon...
1 Page 584 Words

World War 1 Summary Essay

Hew Strachan is the Chichele Professor of the History of War and a fellow of All Souls College, Oxford University. Strachan is the editor of The Oxford History of the First World War, which would lead to this three-volume history of the First World War. Strachan did not focus on covering the war in its worldwide aspect; therefore, we lose an in-depth character assessment of major figures. What he wrote is an effective framework of interpretation for hanging a lot...
1 Page 518 Words

World War 1 and the Russian Revolution: Analytical Essay

The First World War was central to the coming of the 1917 revolution in Russia because it put enormous strains on the population and dramatically increased popular discontent. It also undermined the discipline of the Russian army, thereby reducing the government’s ability to use force to suppress the increased discontent. – whether or not Russia would have avoided revolution had there been no war is difficult to determine, however, it is certainly true that, even if a revolution was probable,...
2 Pages 1084 Words

Why Did World War 1 Last So Long: Analytical Essay

World War I, a time of massive killings and destruction, was not the product of a single, immediate event. Rather, multiple long-term causes, including the effects of Nationalism, produced the war. While liberals believed that a peaceful Europe would emerge from using national lines to organize Europe, the opposite happened. There was no cooperation amongst Europe's great powers; instead, there was competition and significant rivalries. Conflict over industrial and commercial interests was significant. With this competition came the formation of...
2 Pages 769 Words

Why Did the Allies Win World War 1: Analytical Essay

The Allies won ww1 mostly because they had a bigger advantage in their quantity and quality. They had also got a bigger industry for weapons and many other things. The allies were Russia, France, Britain, the United States, and some other smaller countries states. France had 777,000 French troops and 46,000 regional troops, Russia had 5,971,000 men in the Russian army, the United States had 4.7 men and women that served in the regular force, national guard units, and draft...
1 Page 428 Words

What Made World War 1 a Total War: Analytical Essay

Total war is when countries use any warfare that includes any civilian resources, uses all of society’s resources to fight the war, and the priority is towards warfare over non-combatant needs. World War One is considered a total war due to the fact that societies, economies, and labor were all seconded to the war effort. In World War One, the countries used all means to completely demolish the enemy so that they were unable to fight back because the destruction...
1 Page 398 Words

Weapons and Mechanized Warfare Introduced in World War 1: Analytical Essay

This book report will be based on the book, World War 1 Told Through 100 Artifacts by Gary Sheffield. This book has informational research from Gary Sheffield, Philomena H. Badsey, Spencer Jones, and Michael LoCicero presenting multiple pages worth of information about known and not very-known items, weapons, places, and vehicles of World War 1, a war where millions of brave men laid down their lives in order to give us a better future. This essay will showcase some of...
1 Page 550 Words
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