Does 'The Alchemist' Teach Lessons for Teenagers: Essay

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Today we will talk about a very interesting self-help book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I hope many of you have heard his name before, perhaps some of you have read this book already. But, if you didn't then nothing needs to worry about as it is today's topic. In this article, we will discuss a very brief summary of the book and give you the Top 7 Life Lessons from The Alchemist. Here will be also some important quotes from The Alchemist.

The Alchemist Summary:-

Before going further, we should know about its title- The Alchemist. So, if we consider this name literally, then we find that it was a profession in the medieval period. One more thing, the word 'alchemist' comes from alchemy, which originated from the word 'chemical', which means 'art of transmuting metals'. And there was no exception in the case of alchemists. Officially it is believed that an alchemist was a scientist in the Middle Ages who used to change ordinary metals into gold.

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Probably, now you are thinking about what the connection has with its title. But, it is important to know the book very effectively.

At the beginning of the novel, we find Santiago, a boy, our center as well as the main character in the form of a shepherd. And the main story is all about his journey toward his ambition to find out the treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. At first, we find his meeting with a gypsy lady who teaches him to give value to his dream. Then, Santiago meets an old man who mentions that he (the old man) was a king and knows everything about him (Santiago). Then he gives many powerful life lessons and two magical stones to the boy. And it was him, who gave the information map to the boy to fulfill his dream. Thereafter, we get the description of his meeting with a crystal merchant. Spending one year in his crystal shop, the boy learned many more things about life's ultimate goal and very powerful life lessons.

Thereafter, he starts his ultimate journey to fulfill his goal from the desert. There he falls in love with a girl, Fatima. And Fatima also likes Santiago. Somehow, it seemed to be an obstacle to the boy towards his goals. Then, the help of the Omens helped him to manage anyway. And, finally, he becomes able to achieve his goal.

Important Quotes:-

Probably, many of you know this line through Shahrukh Khan's movie 'Om Shanti Om'. Yes, it is a fact. You can say it is the law of attraction as well. But be sure the wanting must come directly from your heart. That means you have to heartily want then it will be one of your thoughts. Then it transforms into beliefs. After that, your continuous actions help you with your dreams come true.

Here we can easily see the reflection of the author's practical mindset. There is no doubt about it that money has a very crucial role in our lives. Without money, nothing can happen. But, very often our society, as well as our surroundings, tries to mislead us by saying that money-making is not so important at all to live a happy life. But, the fact is just the opposite.

By the quote, we can define it as the 'One God theory'. Many great philosophers also believe in only an omnipresent and omnipotent God who has no subdivision of him. And he lives in our hearts.

It is another powerful and valuable quote from this novel. We can take it as a tip to achieve success in our lives. By the statement, it is clearly defining none but to work on our passion. And here treasure means success, a better version of ourselves. We all need success and want and also want to become a better version of our past. But, it will be only possible when we will take it seriously and work on our passion.

Here we can take an example of a sentence said by Sandeep Maheswari, a top motivational speaker on the Indian YouTube platform. He says that the ultimate sorrow is not when one thinks of a very big goal and can't achieve it, but when one thinks of a very little goal in his life and achieves it. So, we should not lose hope for ourselves.

It is similar to an earlier quote that tells the uniqueness of every person. We all were born with different purposes in this world. Everyone has a specific domain in his life where his passion lies. And we must not forget this and work effectively to become successful in our fields.

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