Honesty Is the Best Policy: Personal Narrative Essay

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First of all, the peers in this story will be kept anonymous for privacy reasons. So, I learned that honesty is the best policy, and here is how an incident in 7th grade and almost going to trial got me to learn that honesty can get you out of bad situations.

It was 2nd period, me and my buddies, as we will call them, were in music. I did not expect anything of this to happen until suddenly one of my peers was offering pills. I thought it would be smart to take one of the pills from ‘him’ confiscate it and turn it in to the front desk. Now I go to the school resource officer about five minutes later. Fast forward to 4th period. I was in math class when I got called down to the office. When I was in the detention room, the principal said that the pill was not in the greatest condition. He showed me the pill, and sure enough, holding the pill for five minutes definitely makes your hands sweat. That is exactly how I responded. So, I was in the detention room for the rest of the day.

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Now it is the weekend from that day. I distinctly remember being outside and then getting called in. Apparently, the police called and said to come to the station. I was questioned and sworn in, you know what police usually do, but I was so nervous that I wanted to lie, but I could not do it. I never went to court. And that is when I realized, to tell the truth, even though I wanted to lie, but I did not, because, firstly, there was nothing I could think of, and secondly, all of them could find out, and if I did, I would have gone to jail for misleading the investigation.

If you take anything from this essay, take away that it is not good to lie because, in the end, nothing good will come out of it, and if you do not lie, then you are more likely to not get in trouble or get scolded. But at the end of the day, there are things in life that you may not like, but that is no reason to lie. If you wish, you can, but do not expect anything good from the result. So, just tell the truth, when you lie you mislead, and that’s why people get angry.

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