Philosophy of Graduate Nursing Education Essay

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At this point in my life, I know nursing is my calling, for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a nurse. When you involve your faith in God and make sure everything you do is within his will, it seems like nursing comes as second nature to me. Helen Keller once said,” Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence” (Helen Keller, 2019). I have been around caretakers since a little girl. My grandparents owned a Boarding Home and my grandmother rented out rooms to farm workers who weren’t from Florida. She provided three meals a day and ensured the home was clean and safe. By watching my family take care of total strangers was so amazing to me, when I was a little girl. So, I believe nursing is a discipline of knowledge acquired both through formal education and through life experiences.

It’s so important to show patients and family members that you not only have the knowledge it takes to care for the lives of others but the responsibility for your own actions as well. Knowledge is the core of success in nursing and learning should be a lifelong process. To me philosophy of nursing is being empathetic, having integrity, and respecting patients as a whole including the mind, body, and spirit. Nursing involves showing true compassion to a total stranger and treating them like one of your own family members without judgment or personal bias. For many years I watched different people living and staying in my grandparents’ homes. Many of them stayed there until they passed away. By being introduced at a young age how to care for and love people no matter their race, sex, or culture; you treat everybody with care and respect. So, to me, when you show your patients that you care, respect them, and are honest with them goes a long way. Maya Angelou once said,” I have learned that people will forget what you have said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel” (Maya Angelou Quotes, 2019).

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My professional goals are to continue my education until I receive my ARNP in Family Practice. By increasing my accountability, receiving a higher level of education, allows me to become more knowledgeable about the human body and the different disease processes. By increasing my knowledge, I can better take care of patients in any health condition, situation, or crisis. I will continue to be compassionate, and non-judgmental and care for my patients and their family members resulting in positive patient outcomes. No matter what their culture or lifestyle, I will always show kindness, be patient, and be respectful of others and their feelings. My professional goals as they apply to clinical practice are to continue to provide excellent patient-centered care, show the same high-quality care to all patients, and continue to develop my interpersonal skills. The future has its place for those who have faith in the beauty of their dreams.

My responsibility in the online learning environment is to be proactive by effectively using time management, being organized, and completing assignments by due dates. I will be responsible for managing all course material. I will be self-motivated taking the responsibility of reaching out to the instructor for any help or clarification that I may need. I will be accountable for all my actions, making sure to use proper documentation and citations when using any scholarly sources. 

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