Peculiarities Of Honesty As A Moral Trait

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Base on my research honesty is a moral character such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc. Furthermore, honesty means being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere.

But for me, honesty is all about people around you because honesty is about trusting people or someone that close to you. Honesty is good because you know to your self that you can trust this people, but too much trusting is also can cause betrayal. And betrayal can break your relationship with others.

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When i was 13 years old i have a group of friends. I trust them because i feel so comfortable . When i have a problem i always tell them. We shared sadness and happiness together. One day i experience one of the biggest struggle i have. My mom and dad fight with each other because of jealousy. At first my mom trust my dad because she think that my dad is honest about his word. But when my mom caught my dad her trust went broken and it cause to break our family. I tell this problem to my friends because my mind said they will comfort me. But the next day i found out that me and my friends are not the only one who knows my personal problem, and i know that its one of my friends who spread my story. I confront my friend about being betray but she didn't admit it . I asked one of those person who receive the news about me and it say that its really her.

After one week my dad make his apology and my mom forgive him. I asked her why did she forgive my dad and she answer that he love my dad although he break my mom's trust because of not being honest she cant deny that she still love my dad. And a lesson formed in my mind and heart. Yes my friend betray and lie on me but still she's my friend and we share a lot of things. So i decided to forgive her but i wont trust her anymore.

I conclude that honesty is not just about trusting someone and telling the truth. Its also has a negative side that can break your friendship, families or any relationship with others. Honesty is all about scars that you will left with the people around you. Yet you can forgive them but that scar will never erased.

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