Black, Muslim, And Senegambian Family

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Family, ethnicity, personal interests and the environment you grow up in are all factors that contribute in shaping an individual’s identity. Several aspects may influence your identity more than others. These factors influence an individual’s ethics and morals, choice of music, and numerous other characteristics of life. The surrounding environment that an individual grows up in influences a person’s way of clothing, social activities and morals. Everyone is unique based on personal interest, which in my case was influenced by the environment I was raised in.

I am a black Muslim woman who is Senegambian (part Senegalese part Gambian) and American. My tribe contributes largely on my identity, because everything I stand by, eat, believe (apart from the fact that I am Muslim), my morals and personality is all largely based on my culture. Growing up in an Islamic, rich in culture country, and a very educative family also contributed to my identity as an independent, honest, and humble young lady. It also influenced my personal interests.

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My personal interests include economics and film. Growing up in a household where both parents are economist and are always talking about work and seeing firsthand what they do influenced me to major in economics. I loved to see them do their job as it seemed interesting. Film is probably the opposite of economics but it’s a passion I have. Growing up in The Gambia I watched a lot of Senegalese series and films and it seemed so fun to do. This influenced me to the point where I know everything about the films, and the whole scenario before its even shown. It also influenced my choice of entertainment; I only watch Senegalese productions and would one day what to own or work part-time for one. My identity has an influence on all my decision making, including how I find information, how I define it and what I find relevant.

Information to me is the news, and anything related to my personal interest. Finding information is a very complicated process, because it is affected by some factors of my identity. I am on my phone or laptop if I am not sleeping, using social media plat forms such as Instagram, twitter, and snapchat. Most of the information I get is from twitter and Instagram, which is not always accurate. I use these platforms because just like the people in my generation, I rely on these platforms for information and everything I need to know is available. I share information by starting up a conversation on that topic with people I know are interested in the topic. By doing this, I share the information I have and receive information from them based on their opinions and what they have seen on the platforms that they get information from.

To conclude, identity is based on different factors such as the environment one grows up in, family, culture, age, and ethnicity. An individual’s personal interest is part of their identity which makes them unique. Personally, my identity has an influence in everything I do. This includes what I take as information, how I find, and share it.

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