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The Peculiarities Of Muslim Culture

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Muslims make up a big part of our world population. Around 1.8 billion people in our world population are muslims. Muslims are people who are followers of Islam. Muslim means “Anyone or anything surrender itself to the ture will of God. Muslims have quite a lot of rules to follow. Muslims have The Five Pillars to follow. The Five Pillars are: 1. You have to pray five times a day and pray towards Mecca(Isam holiest city). The next one is you have to give to Alms which means give to the homeless. Next you have to Hajj that means once in your lifetime you have to visit Mecca. The next one is you have to fast during the month of Ramadan. The last one is you must confess your faith.

Muslims have a diet they have to follow. They can’t eat meat if the animal was killed a certain way. They can not eat pork at all no matter how the pig died. Muslims can not eat an animal if it was found dead, they can’t eat an animal if the animal was beaten to death, also if the animal fell into a gully. They must eat veggies in every meal, they must eat fruit in place of cakes and pies. Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol because of many reasons. One reason is alcohol prevents people from remembering God. another reason is that alcohol is a part of the devil’s handiwork. There are many more reasons muslims can’t drink alcohol. They have to use herbal teas, not coffee and regular teas. There are a lot more diet plans they have to follow.

The muslim lifestyle is normal, nthey just have to pray during the day five times. Some people might only pray twice during the day a muslim have to pray five. They do these just like regular people they go to work, school, shopping, and etc. there religion does not stop them from having a life or having fun. Some people think because they have a different religion they leave a very different lifestyle.

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Muslims believe that taking care of their health is very important. They want to get check regularly to make sure they were in good health. If a muslim need a blood transfusion they can get it as long has the doctors are trustworthy. They want to be in good health so they can worship their God.

Muslimsm perspective on touching and personal space has a few rules to it. When a muslim talks to a person, people might notice that they are standing really close to that person and that’s because it is just how they were raised to do. A muslim women might not snake a mans hand because of culture issues. The women might snake his and with her dress. A muslim women might not look a man in the eye. Eye contact is considered impolite or disrespectful. Muslim women wear a hijabs and they don’t really care for people touching it because it a culture thing and people have to respect it.

Muslims worship their God called Allah. Muslims worship in a mosque (another name for church). Muslims go to church just like other religions they just stay longer than we stay. Sometimes they might stay 12 hours depending on the day and the month. They worship this holy text called “The Qur’an. The Qur’an is the muslims holy bible. Muslims worship in silent because Islam comes from a arabic word that means peace. A few of the world’s groundbreaking scientists were muslims such as Ahmed Zewail and Dr. Hina Chauhdry. The world greatest boxer was muslim, Mahammand Ali. Muslim have different ways they do things but at the end of the day they are just like regular people.

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