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The Reasons To Legalise Polygamy

Most believe that those who are polyamorous are but simple cheaters trying to seem innocent, though this is only a baseless accusation that uses a false stereotype to prove a bad point. All around the world a debate over polygamy is taking place getting increased attention as time continues to pass. Polygamy is the practice of having two or more partners in a relationship, romantically, sexually, or both. Many believe that Polygamy should not be legal due to a multitude...
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Polygamy Essay: Unraveling its Impact and Complexities

Introduction Polygamy has captivated people for generations, with its complexities being debated for centuries. Culturally speaking, attitudes toward this practice vary greatly between embracing and dismissal. This paper will investigate the various manifestations of polygamy across cultures, examining why they occur. Gender inequality is linked to polygamy; this topic will be explored alongside its impact on current civilization during our discussion. Effects of Polygamy on Society Society’s very foundation could be impacted by polygamy, with long-lasting ramifications. A key concern...
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Polygamy: Women's Position In African Society And Cultures

1.0 Introduction Different cultures view women in different ways. Women in African society and cultures have resisted traditionally in contradiction of certain models that all women encounter. The female personality is different according to each culture and their customs but many cultures are based on male control where women have less power. Women across the world experience suppression in getting jobs, education, sexuality and reproductive choice. The coming of feminism movements in Africa has helped in changing the position of...
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Polygamy Versus Monogamy: Monogamy As A Modern Phenomenon That Humans Have Socially Constructed In “Recent” Years

Topic: Monogamy General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history of monogamy Thesis: Monogamy is a modern phenomenon that humans have socially constructed in “recent” years. 1. Introduction a. Attention Getter: i. Does anybody here believe in soulmates – that there is only one person out there in this world who is able to get you in the way that no one else can? Think back to some of your favourite classical fairy tales: Cinderella,...
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Marriage, Divorce And Polygamy In Islam And Judaism

Both Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic monotheistic religions. In 2015, Islam had a population of 1.8 billion Muslims which makes it the second-largest religion in the world (Lipka, 2017). On the other hand, in 2015, Judaism had a population of 14.3 million Jews in the world (Dashefsky & Sheskin, 2015). Further, Judaism and Islam have similar and different approaches to the purpose of marriage, the rules and regulation of divorce and the opinions on polygamy. These differences and similarities are...
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The Reasons Of Polygamy And Its Impact On Gender Relations

According to Anthropology, polygamy is well-defined as a marriage amongst one person and two or more spouses at the same time. This occurs in two main forms: polygyny, in which a man marries several women, and polyandry, in which a woman marries several men at the same time (Welsch, 2018). Polygyny is known as the most common form as well as the forms in which one is officially loyal but socially polygamous and maintains other relationships. Globally, polygamy is legally...
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Polygamy: Agreements And Disagreements

Throughout my time in college, I have found there is a multitude of literature on the topic of polygamy. So, when one finds themselves embarking on trying to become an expert, there are many different sides to the story and angles to take into consideration. Due to the fact polygamy is such a controversial topic in the United States, there are multiple different areas to evaluate, religious freedom constitutional rights, ethics, and human rights are some of the most debated...
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Polygamy In Canadian Legal System And Society

Marriage is a very important social institution because life arises from it. Consequently, the government of Canada has a keen interest in protecting marriages to ensure stable population growth and sustainability. Canada has been largely a monogamous nation until immigrants started flocking in from other parts of the world that entertain different forms of marriages. Instances of a marrying more than one person have increased over the last few decades making America’s marital institution highly questionable. Despite strong legal battles...
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The Uniqueness of the Malian Culture

The Mali Empire was established in 1235CE and is located in Western Africa along the Niger River (Nelson, 2019). Although the Mali Empire collapsed in the 1600s, the Malian culture still continues to live on today. It is known for its abundance in gold and salt mines (Nelson, 2019). It is also the second largest producer of cotton in Africa (Countries and their Cultures, n.d.). Mali proves to be one of the poorest countries today (, n.d.), but values collectivism...
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An Analysis Of Forms And Evolution Of Hindu Marriage

Marriage among the Hindus is a Sacramental Relation. This paper deals with Evolution and History of Hindu Marriage. It shows the ancient perspective of marriage and its customs. The paper elaborates forms of marriage practiced during the ancient era. It explains the changes and progress of marriage from the Vedic period to the current date. The Dharmasastra is the original customary rules for Hindu religion, and this paper shows how much the time has drifted our culture from original form....
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Muslim Women In Malayalam Cinema: Portrayal And The Reality

Introduction A Muslim woman always comes with a set of labels and expectations in the mind sets of society. But in reality in addition to being a Muslim woman, she is much more. She is more than a Muslim and a woman. There is no template definition for what a Muslim woman should be. One of the most misinterpreted or misunderstood parts of the Islam are topics related to women. They are always framed as the oppressed. The repeated narrative...
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Issues On Which Western Feminism And African Feminism Can Develop Common Grounds

1.0 Introduction Feminism is a movement of the group of women to end sexism, sexist and oppression. There are a number feminist theories which are propounded on three main principles. The principles states that women have something important to subsidize to every part of the world, women being viewed as a burdened group of people and women being unable to achieve their prospective, gain rewards, or gain full participation in societies. (Sachikonye, 2016). Western feminists have been fighting back historically...
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