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Polygamy Essay Examples

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The Reasons To Legalise Polygamy

Most believe that those who are polyamorous are but simple cheaters trying to seem innocent, though this is only a baseless accusation that uses a false stereotype to prove a bad point. All around the world a debate over polygamy is taking place getting increased...
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Polygamy In Canadian Legal System And Society

Marriage is a very important social institution because life arises from it. Consequently, the government of Canada has a keen interest in protecting marriages to ensure stable population growth and sustainability. Canada has been largely a monogamous nation until immigrants started flocking in from other...
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Polygamy: Agreements And Disagreements

Throughout my time in college, I have found there is a multitude of literature on the topic of polygamy. So, when one finds themselves embarking on trying to become an expert, there are many different sides to the story and angles to take into consideration....
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The Reasons Of Polygamy And Its Impact On Gender Relations

According to Anthropology, polygamy is well-defined as a marriage amongst one person and two or more spouses at the same time. This occurs in two main forms: polygyny, in which a man marries several women, and polyandry, in which a woman marries several men at...
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Marriage, Divorce And Polygamy In Islam And Judaism

Both Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic monotheistic religions. In 2015, Islam had a population of 1.8 billion Muslims which makes it the second-largest religion in the world (Lipka, 2017). On the other hand, in 2015, Judaism had a population of 14.3 million Jews in the...
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Polygamy: Women's Position In African Society And Cultures

1.0 Introduction Different cultures view women in different ways. Women in African society and cultures have resisted traditionally in contradiction of certain models that all women encounter. The female personality is different according to each culture and their customs but many cultures are based on...
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