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The Reasons To Legalise Polygamy

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Most believe that those who are polyamorous are but simple cheaters trying to seem innocent, though this is only a baseless accusation that uses a false stereotype to prove a bad point. All around the world a debate over polygamy is taking place getting increased attention as time continues to pass. Polygamy is the practice of having two or more partners in a relationship, romantically, sexually, or both. Many believe that Polygamy should not be legal due to a multitude of reasons, manly fear. However, Polygamy should be made legal because it ties into religion, is a human right, and it does not hurt anyone.

To start with, polygamy ties into religion a bit, surprisingly. There are actually a few religions that mention or even encourages polygamy, such as Mormons and Islamic culture as well. In 2011 a supreme court chief justice Robert Bauman acknowledged that a ban on polygamy violated religious freedom, 'in a manner that is non-trivial and not insubstantial.' This shows that even a conservative person agrees that polygamy cannot and should not be banned, with religion the number one legal reason. Even in Christianity a person would not find anywhere in the bible that directly disapproves of polygamy, though most people make it seem that way for their own gain. So religiously polygamy should be left alone and made legal.

Another reason that polygamy should be made legal is because it is a human right. Humans should have the freedom to love who they love as long as they are safe and consenting, and polygamy is both. Americans have already finally seen that LGBT+ people should have the freedom to love, with the rest of the world not far behind. So why be against polygamy, which is the same principal? Both these issues revolve around love and marriage, whether or not they should be allowed legally. Polygamy is simply loving more than one person; humans have a right to be with that loved one or loved ones. Saying that someone can only have one spouse or love one person is like saying a person can only love one family member, platonically of course, and that is not true. Just like family some people may not love any of them, some may love only one member, and other love them all! So why not let people be the same romantically and/or sexually? Simply does not make sense. 'This is a complex social issue,' Bauman said, even though it does not have to be, it is a human right being questioned and taken away.

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To top it off polygamy does not hurt anyone, despite what many thinks. Polygamy is practiced by adults, who both consent and are safe. A relationship where a man is seeing multiple women who do not know of each other is not polygamy but cheating. It can only be called polygamy if there is communication, which is actually the biggest thing anybody in a healthy polygamy type relationship will agree as the top priority. Plus, some polygamy type relationships tend to have a better household for children due to more parental figures to take car of them and to look up to. This can help a child grow up to be very accepting of those around them and skilled and/or knowledgeable in a variety of topics!

However, there are many people who disagree with making polygamy legal. This is for a variety of reasons, though the biggest one would be that it harms women and children. This accusation is false, made by those who fear the unknown. This is a noticeably big case in Uganda, where campaigners urge government to place laws to protect women by rejecting polygamy. The other issue is child marriage in polygamy relationships, but these are not true polygamy relationships. Instead of politicians and others attempting to stop polygamy from being legal to protect women and children why not go against child brides itself. These two issues or separate and can be combined by some, but still not the same. It may be true that there are child brides and/or abusive partners in a non-monogamous relationship, however these are found in straight monogamous relationships as well. So therefore, they should focus on it as the separate issue that it is, instead of attacking others out of fear. “There may be crimes that in practice are sometimes associated with polygamy, but the way to address those is by prosecuting the crimes -- as is the custom with non-polygamists.” As stated by Steve Chapman, a member of the Tribune's editorial board and avid blogger as well.

In conclusion polygamy should be made legal, for religiose reasons, human rights, and lack of true victims. Polygamy will help bring the world up to speed, help people to be themselves and enjoy life. The world is constantly changing, evolving even. But humans are constant, stuck in their old ways of thinking. Humans must embrace the change brought about by time, they must accept each other and themselves. After all, what good is life if a person cannot be happy and with the one(s) they care about?

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