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The Role Of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha In Buddhism

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Siddharta Guatama, or “The Buddha”, went through a rough and painful life until he reached his goal “enlightenment”. He grew up with his father (his mother died shortly after Buddha was born) and his father wanted him to become the next king. Once Buddha found out everything was connected and everything had a consequence, he went and explored the earth to try and end suffering for everybody. The Buddha showed everyone how good Buddhism is for you are your mind.

Siddhartha was born into a rich family, he was surrounded with luxury. His father was the leader of Shakya. A priest, who was asked to predict Buddhas future, said he would become a spiritual leader when he grew up. His father did not want that to happen because Hindus believe in Dharma. Dharma is where somebody must follow their role, and Buddha’s role was to become the next leader of Shakya. To try and avoid this, while Buddha was growing up his father mainly kept Buddha inside from him seeing something outside that would change his role. Buddha was very good at sports, for example, fencing, wrestling, and archery. When Buddha was 9 his father let him outside, he then saw a farmer plowing the dirt. He watched the worms die repeatedly, and that got him wondering about how everything has a consequence. He then found a tree and went into deep meditation. He then decided to find out why there is suffering in life.

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Siddharta went out one night with his guide. He went to four places and each one showed different signs. The first sign was out in the country, he saw that a man was struggling to get across the village. Siddhata was confused and the guide explained the process of aging and eventually dying. The second sign was in the city and Siddhata saw a man who was very sick. Siddhata asked the guide if anyone could get sick and the guide said yes. The third sign was a people carrying a corpse that was going to a funeral. Siddhata asked the guide what happened and the guide told him that he died. The fourth sign is a man in a robe that was begging for food. Siddhata asked the guide what happens and the guide said that the man was poor. Siddhata gave all his clothes, and his jewelry to the guide and was left with a robe. Siddhata cut off all his hair so no one could recognize him. That is when he started exploring and looking for an answer. One of the first things he tried to do was meditating but then found out that isn’t the answer. He then started fasting, not cleaning the body, not breathing for long periods. He was about to die cause of all this pain until a little girl shows up, she gave him a bowl of milk and rice. Siddhata realized doing all of that would not work either.

After Siddhata realized that balance is important, he decided to sit under a tree and promised to not leave until he would reach enlightenment. He got into such a deep meditation that he saw a demon, called Mara. Mara let an army of demons attack Siddhata and they shot fire arrows, but they all turned to flowers. Mara then sent three of her daughters, who tried to seduce Siddharta. Siddhata watched as the fell apart into the world right in front of him. That is when he found out that if he removes desire from his life, he will remove dissatisfaction from his life, then he will reach enlightenment.

The Siddhata tried many different techniques, meditations, fasting, etc. Siddhata went through a rough long journey to reach his goal. Siddhata realized putting pain on your body won’t change anything but will only make the situation even worse. Buddha realized if someone could remove desire and then we would remove dissatisfaction and suffering. The Buddha showed everyone how good Buddhism is for you are your mind.

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