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Should Abortion be Banned? Essay

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Throughout time, Abortion has been one of the most controversial issues all over the world, a cause of debate between a group of people who are against its legalization, and those who seek its legitimation in those countries where it is forbidden by legal system. Abortion is allowing a woman the right to make choices about their body and their health both mental and physical when having a baby, and no one should take that right away from them, so that’s why abortion should not banned due to so many causes that can make the best or worst in a woman's life.

First of all, there is always two groups when it comes to defend or battle laws such as abortion: Proponents and Opponents. Proponents recognize themselves as pro-choice, they believe women should not be limited, no matter what, it’s their body and their choice. On the other hand, Opponents, which identify themselves as pro-life, considering abortion as killing someone innocent who has the right to live.

Subsequently, abortion gives women the power of controlling their bodies, the choice to refuse to give birth someone with abnormalities that is going to have a difficult life, also it prevents the baby from coming to an unwanted world. According to the statistics on Unintended Pregnancy in the United States, 49% of all pregnancies among American women are unplanned. On the other side, the world's abortion percentage is also shocking because it exceeds 50% and most of them are executed within the European Continent while the US it’s only about 36 %. Having a child is an important life-long decision that requires consideration, preparation and planning, and no one should be allowed to make decision that are only competent to the mother. Therefore, allowing abortion would, on the one hand, respect the freedom of each woman to dispose of her body.

As reported by statistics in the United States from 1973 when the Roe v. Wade case happened through 2017, over 60 million legal abortions were estimated to have been performed in the United States. That's an average of about 1.4 million abortions per year. In 2014, 19% of pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) ended in abortion, and 1.5% of women aged 15-44 had an abortion. At 2014 abortion rates, one in twenty US women will have an abortion before age 20, one in five by 30, and about one in four by 45. 11% of women having an abortion are teenagers.

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For instance when the pregnancy is the result of rape and the woman does not want anything related to that person, that’s also another reason for abortion to be legal. According to Holmes MM of NCBI, the national rape-related pregnancy rate is 5.0% per rape among victims of reproductive age (aged 12 to 45); among adult women an estimated 32,101 pregnancies result from rape each year. Among 34 cases of rape related pregnancy, the majority occurred among adolescents and resulted from assault by a known, often related perpetrator. Another aspect regarding this point has to do with the social issue. In countries where abortion is penalized, there is an overpopulation that lives in poverty, and added to the health aspect caused by abortions performed in clandestine hospitals.

Legalization would stop illicit abortion which prevents women from higher risk of death due to unprofessional treatments. The freedom of each person is inviolable. Therefore, if the woman does not want to have a child even though she is already pregnant, the State must guarantee that right and therefore provide the necessary care to carry out the abortion.Every year, worldwide, about 42 million women with unintended pregnancies choose abortion, and nearly half of these procedures, 20 million, are unsafe. Some 68,000 women die of unsafe abortion annually, making it one of the leading causes of maternal mortality (13%). Of the women who survive unsafe abortion, 5 million will suffer long-term health complications. Unsafe abortion is thus a pressing issue. Both of the primary methods for preventing unsafe abortion less restrictive abortion laws and greater contraceptive use face social, religious, and political obstacles, particularly in developing nations, where most unsafe abortions (97%) occur.

Abortion should be allowed when the mother’s life is in danger. Unsafe abortion is one of the four main causes of maternal mortality, along with bleeding, infections and high blood pressure and it is also the only one that is totally preventable. These four causes are responsible for 75% of maternal deaths worldwide. Unsafe abortion has medical consequences that in many cases are irreversible and that can cause the death of the pregnant woman.

On the other side of the coin, those who are against the decriminalization of abortion, point out that the principle to life is more important than the right of women to the disposition of their bodies, which is about protecting the life of a helpless person. In other words, abortion does not constitute a right. Rather, we are facing an obligation on the part of the mother to give birth to her child. Abortion means to kill a new life and to endanger a woman's body. It seems that people who have an abortion easily think that the fetus is just a 'thing.' If they don't want to have a baby, there are other ways to avoid having it before pregnancy. It is not as simple as people think. It’s already a life created inside the woman’s womb and therefore it should be considered as human; because if we think about it, would a woman be willing to kill a child that is already born? Probably not, is the same thing but for some reason some women see it as something that doesn’t have feelings and since they haven’t even met them they do not care. It is also possible that a woman can't have a baby anymore because it damage the woman's body. Besides, it's possible that women die because of it. Unfortunately, many people don't know the reality and that is part of the lack of education about the topic. Moreover, the baby whether he/she is born or not by the time it is conceived, is recognized by god and has the right to live.

Finally, abortion gives rise to different opinions: there are those who agree, others who reject it, and finally, some adopt an intermediate position. Abortion will continue to be a topic that will always generate confrontations between society, since it will create a division between its detractors and its defenders. Currently, more abortions are performed, both legal and illegal. It is important that we, as young people and students, have sufficient knowledge about this topic so as not to be influenced by what the media and the masses are saying. Also we should be able to come up with our own opinions in either supporting it or not. None of us have the right to judge a woman for the decisions they have made, that’s why when a woman decides they want to have an abortion we should respect it.

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