Reasons Why Abortion Should not Be Legal Essay

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Should Abortion be Legal in the United States?

Parenthood is one of the most critical aspects of human life that require serious planning to be executed appropriately. Most ladies have been compelled to carry out abortions due to a lack of readiness to join the parenthood arena. Abortion is the process by which a pregnancy is terminated by expelling the fetus out of the womb before it matures and can survive outside the womb. They are situations where abortions occur naturally without the intervention of external physical forces; this type of abortion is referred to as a miscarriage (Lor et al. 348). The intentional ending of a pregnancy through the intercession of external physical forces is referred to as induced abortion. It is among the safest medical procedures if done correctly by a medical expert. The total number of abortions performed annually is estimated to be 56 million, with only 55% being done through safety channels. Induced abortion can either be done through surgery or by the use of abortion pills. However, in this immoral society, legalizing abortion will increase the rate of immorality; hence, there will be a drastic increase in the rate of abortions. The process of abortion is an area that has raised several debates globally due to the difference in perception. While some people consider abortion to be murder, other people argue that a lady has the right to make choices concerning her body. The political-religious and cultural views concerning abortion laws differ significantly around the world. Despite the proponents in favor of abortion, it is a life-threatening process that causes secondary infertility and undermines human life; hence should not be legalized.

Though medical practitioners present it as a safe procedure, abortion is a life-threatening process that could result in loss of life. Many complications could occur from the abortion process that could end up fatal. Many quack doctors present themselves as medical professionals and may cause harm to innocent women during the process. Statistics show that several deaths have occurred due to abortion. Most of these deaths result from excessive bleeding. Several risks are associated with the abortion process. During the procedure, an infection could occur in the pelvic region as a result of a repeated suction abortion (Miller, 512). It may also result in incomplete abortion as part of the fetus may remain in the womb leading to excess bleeding and infections, which may incur further medical expenses. Another effect is the formation of clots, which consequently result in severe cramps hence leading to another surgical abortion procedure. During the process, bleeding is a regular occurrence; however, excessive bleeding is alarming, and medical assistance should be pursued. Excessive bleeding may result in anemic conditions, and some cases may lead to death. The cervix may also incur severe injuries during the process as the person carrying out the process may have to stretch it open. It may also cause the uterus wall to tear as a result of an accidental cut. It may result in an infection or excessive discharge of blood, depending on the severity of the wound. In worse cases, the professional may be forced to remove the uterus through surgery due to excessive damage; for these reasons, abortion should not be legalized as it poses a lot of threat to the woman.

One of the most significant side effects of abortion is secondary infertility. Studies have proved that most women who undergo abortion find it challenging to attain a second pregnancy (Holmund et al. 135). Most women subject themselves to abortion because of their economic status, which does not allow them to be able to raise kids. Abortion causes complications to several organs in the female reproductive system. As the equipment is inserted into the reproductive system, it may interfere with some of the internal organs like the cervix and the uterus, which play a major role in accommodating the child during pregnancy in the womb. When these organs are interfered with, it limits the ability of the woman to harbor another pregnancy hence causing secondary infertility, which complicates subsequent pregnancy. For this reason, abortion should not be legalized.

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Abortion undermines morality in the benevolence of who has the power to give and take life. It is believed that life begins at conception, and therefore from the moment of conception, the baby is considered a human being. Every human being has the right to life, and the choice of taking human life is considered an immoral and criminal act (Miller, 509). Some people argue that abortion qualifies as murder and that the perpetrators are supposed to face the law. Legalizing abortion would encourage this immoral act among many other women and for this reason, abortion should be criminalized to prevent continuous practice and also to enable safeguard and preserve human life.

Medical professionals have presented abortion as one of the safest medical procedures if carried out correctly. It is argued that abortion can prove to be a necessary procedure in situations where the pregnancy poses a threat to the woman (Lohr, 348). Several complications may arise from a pregnancy that could be fatal to the woman. In this case, doctors are faced with a decision to carry out an abortion and save the woman’s life. Another situation that could lead to the termination of a pregnancy is conditions such as rape. Pregnancy resulting from a rape incident could be because of a lot of stigma to the woman as it would serve as a memory of the inhumane event. A child resulting from a rape incident may also face a lot of shame from society. As a result, the woman may decide to terminate the pregnancy. As much as these reasons might be genuine, abortion is an unethical act that goes against the policy of respect for life and may cause severe medical implications to the woman. Prioritizing one life over the other is also unethical and goes against the policies of the medical practice of protecting and preserving life. Abortion should therefore not be legalized as it will justify these unethical practices.

Abortion is an area that has raised controversial debates on matters related to ethics with people having mixed opinions about the act. However, medical practitioners recommend it as one of the safest medical procedures in the medical field. Some support abortion because a woman has the right to make choices on matters that relate to her body; other people, however, are against the act terming it immoral and unethical. Abortion presents several challenges to a woman that could be harmful to her health. It exposes the woman to life-threatening situations that could lead to fatality. During this process, several things could go wrong, and she could lose her life in the process. Another significant issue that relates to abortion is the fact that it may cause secondary fertility. This is due to the procedures that the woman undergoes during the process where surgical equipment is inserted into her reproductive organ. The equipment may cause injury to some of the organs hence making them unable to support subsequent pregnancies. Abortion also promotes immorality by denying the baby its right to life. Life is considered sacred, and therefore no human being has control over life and death choices. However, some situations call for medical practitioners to suggest abortion as a viable option as the pregnancy might put the mother’s life at risk, even with this consideration. Abortion goes against the norms and values of human life and should not be legalized.

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