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At Dovecote's funeral, Coriolanus sings the Panem anthem, 'Gem of Panem,' having learned it from his grandmother. During the funeral, the bullet-ridden body of Brandy is paraded by Peacekeepers, along with the other tributes. The mentors and tributes are then taken for a 'tour' of the Capitol Arena, where Coriolanus again meets with Lucy Gray and learns that the tributes are now being fed better, as a couple of them had blacked out. As he chats with her, the world...
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Proclivity for violent outbursts. The proud and inflexible Coriolanus cries out in a key scene in the play, surrounded by his enemies, I banish you There is a world elsewhere (act 3, scene 3). But there can be no other world for a Roman-like Coriolanus, who was raised on the ideal of serving the commonwealth and striking blows 'for Rome': he brings Rome with him everywhere he goes. They see him as implacable, a machine bent on destruction when his...
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In Coriolanus play, Getting a name is closely associated with having an identity , so if a person does not have a name, he is nothing. Comenius said about Coriolanus ‘He called me by my name only once, and I reminded him of our relationship and the blood we’ve shed together. He wouldn’t answer to ‘Coriolanus’ or any other name. He was a kind of nothing, titleless, until he had forged himself a name out of the fire of burning...
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In this play Coriolanus by Shakespeare, Coriolanus' expulsion is the peak of a sequence of incidents in which a few powers have a role, all impelling him to his absolute destruction. As is normal in Shakespearean Tragedy, the legend, at the crest of his accomplishments, falls, because of a lethal blemish in his character. Despite the fact that Coriolanus is viewed as the legend and hero of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and ought to be a solid, thoughtful character, he is ruled...
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Vengeance, chaos, uncertain honor and untimely death-whether describing the fall from grace of a noble king, impassioned General, or valiant warrior, each arises in the historically based tragedies of William Shakespeare. Coriolanus, Shakespeare’s account of the societal and self destruction of a Roman warrior paragon, proves no exception, depicting the demise that results from any character trait excess, even honor. This particular play introduces a further element of gender to fatal excess, providing, through the characters of Coriolanus and Volumnia,...
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Despite the adaptation of a text to film benefiting from the opportunities and abilities bestowed to a director through the visual aspect of the medium, narrative complexity and depth of literary themes almost inevitably suffer a condensation. Ralph Fiennes’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus is not immune to this trend, with temporal constraints forcing Fiennes to focus upon thematic elements of Shakespeare’s original work that he finds to be integral to his interpretation. Whereas Shakespeare’s characterization of key figures such...
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