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Are Romeo And Juliet Relevant To Our Modern Society?

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“To be or not to be, that is the question.” Romeo and Juliet in this day and age, is obviously not to be.” William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has utterly no relevance in our modern society. Many may believe this play is the greatest love story in history, but most need to look beyond the language and the complex meanings and realise the real impact this play is having on us students. The tragedy ending is just another way of glorifying suicide and not making everyone aware of this alarming issue today. Romeo and Juliet is unrealistic and outdated, just another way for teachers to torture us and there is no point of having all these great themes in the text when no one can understand it.

Romeo and Juliet has an immensely unrealistic and outdated storyline. This text is seen to be the greatest love story of all time, but it doesn’t seem to be love at all. Juliet thirteen years old and Romeo eighteen years old, meet for the first time at a party, fall in love then get married. Realistically, when would then ever happen today? Another example of a unrealistic part of the text is that throughout the course of the text six characters die. All six of the deaths are a result of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. In modern day society both of these unrealistic examples wouldn’t occur today. The storyline is also eminently outdated. Romeo and Juliet relationship shows a historical view of love and many things such as arranged marriages often don’t occur today, or at least shouldn’t if they involve a thirteen-year-old child. It is evident that Romeo and Juliet isn’t relevant in our modern society.

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Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet completely glorifies mental health, and suicide is an immense issue in society today. Did you know that 5,000–15,000 people die from suicide every year? Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people today. The catastrophe at the end of the text is not an acceptable scene for the younger impressionable audience. This happening at the end of a Shakespeare text is not something that should be selected to be studied and analysed by fifteen-year old’s in schools. It is undeniably obvious that Romeo and Juliet is irrelevant in our modern society.

Shakespeare’s text Romeo and Juliet is complex, confusing and complicated. What is the point of having all the great themes when only a few can fully understand and interpret the text? Shakespeare is like reading a foreign text and I’m sure there is another way we can be challenged. There is an abundance of different modern texts in our libraries that are very similar to Romeo and Juliet having the same themes. These different modern texts are more relevant today and all students will be able to understand what they are reading. One example of a modern text would be Twilight. Romeo and Juliet and Twilight both reintroduces the idea of “forbidden love” and have very similar themes. Twilight is more relevant in today’s society, due to the modern-day language used to convey the story. It is obvious that the relevance of Romeo and Juliet has faded in our modern society.

To conclude, Romeo and Juliet is not relevant in our modern society. The text has an unrealistic and outdated storyline, Shakespeare glorifies suicide and the text is difficult for most readers. William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has utterly no relevance in our modern society. It’s time for Shakespeare’s 400-year-old text to be put away and replaced with any other modern-day texts which have the same themes and makes sense to the reader.

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