Fate Is to Blame for Romeo and Juliet's Deaths

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If Hitler wasn’t elected, the Holocaust could’ve been avoided. Maybe if Romeo and Juliet hadn’t met, Tybalt and Mercutio’s deaths could’ve been avoided, and even the deaths of Romeo Juliet themselves could’ve been avoided. The thing that ties each of these events together though is Fate. In the tragic play by William Shakespeare titled, “Romeo and Juliet”, two teens, each from feuding families, find each other at a Capulet party one evening. All in that same night they instantly fell in love and decided that they should get married. Then knowing they are from opposing families, they create a plan so that after marriage, they could be together. Unfortunately, two deaths would follow that night because Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, didn’t appreciate Romeo's presence and Romeo didn’t appreciate Tybalt’s aggressiveness. To follow that, the plan created by Friar Lawrence wasn’t made clear due to more misfortune leading to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet which is why Fate is to blame due to circumstances of the feud, actions, and decisions.

It must be noted that the family fued is the reason that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is a “forbidden love”. It was merely Fate that could’ve brought these two teens together. It is no coincidence that after Romeo broke up with Rosaline, his former love and Juliet’s cousin, he was invited by a servant to got to another Capulet party (Shakespeare 192). While at this party he would meet yet another Capulet, Juliet. Meanwhile, Tybalt observed Romeo’s presence which angered him especially when Lord Capulet told him to mind Romeo (Shakespeare 203). Clearly from the beginning, the feud showed to have impact on not only the relationship but even the events that would come into play like Mercutio and Tybalt’s deaths. Even a “Critical Essay On Romeo and Juliet” by Louis Kershen made an excellent point when she stated that, “It should be noted that the play begins with a fight scene between servants of the two families and ends with a peace agreement between lords Montague and Capulet.” Though a peace agreement was made, it wasn’t made clear to all Capulets and Montagues which shows through when aggressiveness of a few characters takes a toll.

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The aggressiveness of Tybalt causes him to kill Mercutio then Romeo, seeking revenge on his dead best friend's behalf, kills Tybalt only driving him out of town permanently. It is also clear that Romeos’s actions show he is well aware of Fate. Shakespeare wrote Romeo to say, “This day’s black fate on mo days doth depends; this but begins the woe others must end”, (231). Romeo suggests that he isn’t in control of his own Fate and he recognizes that there can be no acceptable outcome. To top it off, Romeo and Juliet’s undeveloped teenage brains are a reason behind their actions because,as the article, “The teen Brain: Behavior, Problem Solving, and Decision Making”, says the frontal cortex, the area of the brain that controls reasoning and helps someone think before acting, develops later. So knowing Fate has a slight control over him, Romeo still decides to act on it by “defying the stars” when he kills himself at the end thinking Juliet is dead. He is also set on the idea that if he kills himself he is going against Fate most likely unaware that his actions alone played a part into the Fate of his own actions.

Viewing Romeo’s foolish decisions, many would argue that it is in fact Romeo’s fault that he and Juliet died. Many would use Romeo asking for Juliet’s hand in marriage as evidence because he himself knows their families are in a feud. Even Friar Lawrence stated during the marriage scene, “These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder,” (Shakespeare 226). When in fact, this evidence can also be accountable for Fate’s behalf because the Friar’s words are comparing Romeo’s passion to gunpowder and the fire that ignites it, implying that there is no happy ending. Then when Shakespeare foreshadowed Juliet’s death when she said, “My is like my wedding bed,” (Shakespeare 204), Juliet is saying she’d rather die than having to marry anyone else. Philadelphia Inquirer also points out in the article, “Harsh parenting can have ill effects on a child’ mind”, that, ”harsh or authoritarian parenting causes toxic stress in children… It also increases the chances of bad behavior”. So, when Juliet was forced to marry Paris by her parents, she saw Romeo as a solution to get her inevitable problem of marrying Paris. It was only their decisions that would lead to their Fate.

As can be seen, the feud, actions, and decisions are all reasons as to why Fate is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. It was no coincidence that after having issues of their own that they would find each other. They not only saw one another as a lover but as a way out of misery. Fate brought the two together and Fate lead them to their death because of the choices they made throughout the play. Given these points, whether stated in the prologue or clarified in their choices, Fate brought upon the two tragic deaths in the end of Shakespeare’s, “Romeo and Juliet”.

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