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Is Romeo And Juliet A Relevant Or Redundant Play?

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William Shakespeare performed his last play over 400 years ago, but he is still outrageously famous! Even in the 21st century his plays, plots and characters are still relevant to this day. Just as they were when they were first released, for high school English students, Shakespearean works are mandatory to read and one or two courses are required for university students who want to study writing or literature.

Shakespeare is one of the most famous people ever known he was a literature mastermind he created so many phrases and sayings, some of which but not limited to, “Wild goose chase!”, “Seen better days”, “Good riddance” and “Off with his head!” people say these lines all the time and don't even know that they are quoting William Shakespeare through one of his many great plays. This just shows how much he has influenced the modern world yet people are arguing if Shakespeare is redundant or relevant.

Some people believe that Shakespeare never intended for his plays to entice fear into a teenagers heart sitting behind a desk in 5th period writing an essay, but to put money in his pocket to provide himself with life's necessities and to entertain a mainly illiterate audience. It is also argued that Shakespeare's work was never meant to be analyzed hours on end in a classroom but to be viewed from a seat in a theatre because scripts are never meant to be read but to be heard/seen, although this may be true, a play or a movie is only what it is because of the script, without a script there isn't a play. Better yet it seems anywhere you look in English literature be it a movie, play or even general conversation there he is William Shakespeare.

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“O Romeo O Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo”, this is one of the most famous quotes of all time everyone in their lifetime has at least heard of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet or even seen one of its many adaptations. In school as of now, I am studying the play of Romeo and Juliet and comparing it to a recent adaptation created by the extremely talented Baz Luhrmann starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Clair Danes as Romeo and Juliet. A play that was written in 1594 being adapted into a 1996 movie with the two houses being rival gangs, modernised their swords to guns and horses were replaced with cars which all created a terrific movie. This just shows that Shakspeare’s writing has aged like fine wine, it may not be the original but its taste has definitely improved. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet set the standard for romantic books and plays, it inspired people to go great lengths for love and to show that true love is worth dying for. Love will always be relevant no matter what people say, there will always be someone who will do anything for the other half, who would even die for them and there is always be something a person can learn from love it doesn't matter if it was today or centuries ago.

So have people stopped falling madly in love, have people stopped trying to enact revenge and are world leaders still scheming and lying their way to the top? Was that a “yes” I heard, then I just explained to you effectively how and why Shakspearean works are still relevant to this day. He explores these undying, unchanging emotions and desires through his plays which create a timeless masterpiece that will be relevant for hundreds of years to come. William Shakespeare created over a THOUSAND words, some we use every day “Rant”, “Gloomy”, “Lower”, “Gossip” and “Bet” Shakespeare has influenced the English language in so many ways and if he hadn't, our day to day conversations would be a lot duller.

Today in our modern era we are evolving and changing every day, how society sees the world, people's opinion, infrastructure but what will always remain the same is people core emotions and desires whether it is, revenge, love, anger e.t.c This is the reason why Shakspearean works should be studied and experienced by students as there is always something it can teach them, this applies to the next generation and the next and the next. Shakespeare is relevant today and he always will be.

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