Issue of Social Justice and Diversity Essay

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Reflection on Diversity and Justice

· How would you define: diversity; diversity inclusion, oppression, marginalization, and social justice?

I define diversity as being unique from other individuals from around the world. Diversity is understanding that everyone is unique and being able to recognize individual differences. Individuals who can accept diversity can build alliances within the workplace to eradicate discrimination. Diversity inclusion is the act of ensuring all individuals feel welcome. Scott (2012), defines inclusion as “the intentional act of making individuals from all diverse backgrounds feel respected, welcomed, and part of a group and organizational culture.” Workplace inclusion creates a respectful environment that increases contribution and participation. Oppression is the unjust treatment of individuals that prevents them from enjoying their freedom and other civil opportunities. Marginalization is treating an individual as nonimportant. Social justice refers to equality for all regarding race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation (Byrd, 2018).

· Discuss the concept of a 'business case for diversity.' How does this concept align with the definition you gave above?

The business case for diversity concept refers to the ability to be able to leverage diversity within an organization. Today’s economy is considered to be global. For organizations seeking to expand in the global economy, those organizations will have to rely on diverse individuals from within. Organizations that can employ a more diverse workforce, should achieve exceptional business results. A more diverse organization is capable of attracting top-tier talent, improving customer and employee satisfaction, and increasing return on profits and sales (Hunt, Layton, & Prince, 2015). This concept aligns with the above term through acceptance and understanding. Once individuals and leaders within organizations can achieve acceptance and understanding, then they can use the business case for diversity concept to drive decision making, aid in building a stronger workforce, and robust consumer relationship.

· What is your interpretation of human relations in the workplace? Based on your interpretation, how does diversity among groups impact human relations in workforce contexts?

My interpretation of human relations in the workplace is the relationship between or with individuals in a professional setting. This relationship is crucial in assisting individuals to achieve career success. Human relations center on the social well-being of others within the workplace (Byrd, 2019). Diversity among groups can affect the development of interpersonal relationships. If individuals are not able to accept and understand diversity within the workplace, they will not be able to get along with one another, resolve conflict, communicate effectively, make sound decisions, build the team, or motivate others to accomplish the goals of the organization.

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· How do you view power and privilege in terms of how these dynamics play out in the workplace? Use a scholarly perspective to align your interpretation.

According to Byrd (2018), power is the ability of an individual to achieve his or her will regardless of resistance from others. In the workplace, individuals may exert power through their positions such as managers. The authority of a manager has the support of high-level superiors within an organization. This power provides a manager with the ability to issue orders to his or her subordinates. If orders are not followed, then a manager can use his or her authority to terminate subordinates. Privilege in the workplace refers to the benefits, rights, and advantages an individual or individuals acquire from being associated with a dominant group (Byrd, 2018). The recipient of a particular privilege often benefits from a higher comfort level in social interactions (Wildman, 1995).

· What are your thoughts about human relations at the wider societal level and its impact on human relations at the organizational (workforce) level?

I believe that human relations at the societal level is more than just having a direct relationship between individuals. At the societal level, it is the interaction between political, economic, and social perspectives and ways direct social relationships influence those interactions. Societal-level human relations can cause direct and indirect effects on organizations through supervision costs, reputation costs, lack of motivation, lack of skills, inequality, etc. (Human Relations, 2018). The organizational level is perceived to be a middle-range construct that reflects and reinforces estranged relations at the societal level (Macintosh & Hopper, 2005).

· What is moral agency and how does the concept align with the human relations profession?

According to Angus (2003), moral agency is an individual’s ability to make ethical decisions on the account of others based on right and wrong. Moral agency compels the actions of others to be consistent with what is deemed righteous and ethical. Through moral agency, individuals are held accountable for their actions and are responsible for the actions of others. Moral agency aligns with human relations by the accountability it poses to an individual. Moral agents are expected to be good stewards when faced with ethical dilemmas. Moral agents can manage conflict effectively, take responsibility for their work, and hold others accountable for actions and performances. These are just a few examples of the responsibility of moral agents within the workplace.

· What is your perspective of the human relations professional as a change agent?

In my human resource class, many years ago I learned of change agents. These were individuals who were responsible for mitigating the impacts of change within their organization. These change agents are tasked with protecting employees from the adverse effects of imminent changes. I assume that human relations professionals are tasked with the same as change agents. Change is inevitable in the world today. Organizations experience change constantly. This change requires organizations to explore more innovative ways to become more efficient, grow their market share, and cater to their existing and potential new customers. Human relations professionals can be a conduit to organizations and their employees regarding those inevitable changes. Human relations professionals can help organizations plan and prepare for change as the organization maintains or improves its current performance. Human relations professionals can ensure employees work effectively as change occurs and be able to assist in adapting to future change.


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