Essay on Great Depression and Homelessness

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The beginning of this issue started after “The Great Depression” which started in the early 1930s and The Second World War which happened from 1939-1945. It affected most Canadians, most of the homeless were single men who stayed in Salvation Army housing. The word “homeless “ was not used to describe a social dilemma in Canada until the early to mid-1980s. The word that was mostly used was “transient” before “homelessness” was eventually established in the mid-1980s. According to the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, mass homelessness in Canada emerged around when the government cutbacks to social housing and related programs starting in 1984. In 1993, the federal ended up building new social housing. Most Canadians were sheltered

The issues

The Great Depression - It was a worldwide social and economic shock. Millions of Canadians were left unemployed, hungry, and often homeless. This was known as the Dirty Thirties due to the drought in the prairies as well as raw material and farm exports in Canada. The depression triggered the birth of social welfare and the rise of political movements. The causes of the Great Depression were the stock market crash, drops in world commodity ties and sudden declines in economic demand and credits, rapid declines in global trade and rising unemployment, etc.

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(The Great Depression)

The Second World War - Was a defining event in Canadian history transforming a quiet country into a critical player with the most struggles. Between 1939 and 1945, more than 1 million Canadian men and women served in the army full-time, and more than 43,000 were killed. This has caused the families who have lost a loved one due to war, to feel lost mentally and physically as they lost a father, son, daughter, mother, husband, wife, etc. This also had a toll on the country because the more people that came back deceased, they had to allow someone else to replace them and make sure someone was

(The WW2 in Canada)

Government - in 1960- 1970s, the federal government invested heavily in adequate housing for Canadians. The National Housing Act was amended in 1973 and 20,000 units of social housing were built every year until the 1980s. Many professionals who were involved with social and economic policy and programs in Canada such as - urban planners, academics, public health officials, and social workers - were focused on ensuring that people had access to safe, secure housing and neighborhoods. The Canadian Observatory and Homelessness has organized these situations into different groups. The groups are unsheltered, Emergency sheltered, provisionally accommodated, and at risk of homelessness.

The reasons why people become homeless are due to poverty, unemployment, shortage of affordable housing, divorce, relationship, or family breakage, family violence, addictions, stigmatization of mental health problems, discrimination based on origin, sexuality or age, physical or mental health problems, etc…

Relationship to social work, social justice, and social issues.

Historic and present-day - From the late 1980s - the small number of largely single men experiencing chronic homelessness, to a mass problem in the mid-2000s. 35,000 Canadians are homeless on a given night, and at least 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness in a year. Homelessness not only grew in scope but I’m complexity, as homeless populations in many Canadian communities became more diverse. Youth, families, indigenous People, newcomers, and individuals identifying as LGBTQ, all became more likely to become homeless.

How does this topic speak to issues in the profession that are important to you? -

This topic Is really important because homelessness is a big issue that keeps rising as the year goes by. The government provides places to eat, sleep, and get help with school or even work is really good and it keeps on improving. Being a social worker is not easy because you have to be understanding and have an idea of what going on with every case that is presented. This is important because a social worker is like a guardian angel who helps everyone in need.

How does this topic speak to you and your experiences?

I have never experienced being homeless and I am grateful to have a support system. But learning about the different issues that affect not just Canada but the world as well allows me to be a part of the community and give back to the ones in need. Learning about social work allows me to be more educated and learn how to take a step toward every case differently.

What does it stir in you as someone learning about the history of helping?

- this makes me want to learn more and go out and help everyone that needs help. It makes me want to learn and come out with ideas on how to give back to the community not just by learning, but by homelessness bringing everyone together and educating them in everything that we can help and make a difference to.

Who in these historical stories “knows best” On behalf of “Whom”?

I am not sure what this question is asking, but from what I think I understand, those who “know best” are those who have been through It and felt it firsthand. They are the ones who know it best and on behalf of “Whom” think it's those who learn about it such as the social workers.

What has been the role (or not) of the helping profession as it relates to your topic? -

the role of helping professionals for this topic may serve as case managers. In this role, they assist residents in getting government benefits from the government and many more.

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