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Main Principles Underpinning Social Care Practice: Analytical Essay

The main principles underpinning Social Care Practice include respect, dignity, and empowerment of clients so they can live a better life and achieve their full potential. The aim of Social care practice to promote social justice for vulnerable individuals so that they can take control of their own lives within their own social context and environment. Social Care practitioners take a holistic perspective toward problem-solving, and advocacy while working with individuals and their families. (Iasw. ie, 2020) The following paper...
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History of Social Care in Ireland

The profession of social care practice has been around for a very long time, but consistent with Gill Mac Mullin, the definition has not been set in situ. Mc Mullin states that “it has suited the government and other agencies to not have a standard definition because it helps keep salary and career structures vague” (Gillmacmillan,2019). 2005 caused about the implementation of the health and social care practitioners act and there was still no definition. The educators from this practice...
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Organizational Culture in Social Care Organizations: Literature Review

In recent years, the influence that organizational culture has on shaping performance in social care practice is of growing concern (Commission for Social Care Inspection, 2008). It has seen lots of discussion in the media with international scandals dominating headlines such as the Orchid View case and Winterbourne View tragedy (West Sussex Adults Safeguarding Board, 2014; Department of Health, 2012). Often, the failings of the system to prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable citizens have been blamed on organizational...
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Role of a Social Care Worker in Current Model of Social Care Practice: Analytical Essay

Introduction This essay will focus on the role of a social care worker, specifically, the history of the profession, what the practice has learned from its predecessor, and how it has evolved into the current model of social care practice that is seen today. These subjects will be researched through relevant books, web pages, and scholarly journals. Historical Context of Social Care Practice “The master says it’s a glorious thing to die for the Faith and Dad says it’s a...
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How Gender Discrimination, Age And Sexual Orientation Is Relevant To Health And Social Care And Society

Description This reflective assessment by applying Gibbs models (1998) the aim is to highlight how inequality and discrimination by gender and sexual orientation are relevant to health and social care setting and in the society, also how the lectures was dedicated the issue about equality act ,diversity, human right and discrimination in social situation also how this model helps me to understand about the subject and I was really interesting in gender discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination because is more...
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The Nature Of Community Service Organisations (CSOs)

“Community service organizations are those organizations, whose primary objectives are social rather than economic. The core of the sector includes charities, religious organizations, arts organizations, community organizations, campaigning organizations, trade unions, and other not-for-profit organizations” (Hudson Mike, 2009, p. xvii). “Usually referring to organisations that work with a confined local or regional focus. Community organisations may have a legal status or a constitution but there are numerous groups, which have neither.” Howieson, Brian & Julie, Hodges 2014, p.124) In the...
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Social Care in Ireland

In this assignment, I will define social care and its origin from different sources and authorities. I will talk about social care as a profession, its regulatory body, the skills and roles of its members. Finally, I will analyze the merits and demerits of the professionalization of social care in Ireland. Definition Social care is a profession committed to the planning and delivery of quality care and other support services for individuals and groups with identified needs (Share, 2013). Social...
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Role of a Social Care Worker in Contemporary Ireland: Analytical Essay

Introduction Within this essay, the role of a social care worker in contemporary, also known as modern, Ireland will be talked about under different headings. The first thing that will be talked about is what Social Care work is, along with the differences between Social Care Work and Social Care Practice then the qualities and characteristics required to become a Social Care worker in the first place along with the standards they must meet with regard to CORU. It will...
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Professionalization of Social Care in Ireland: Analytical Essay

Introduction The following assignment will discuss how social care has been professionalized in Ireland, it examines social care in Ireland in both the past and the present. It briefly explores 4 very high-profile cases that gained huge media attention. Two of these cases are around incest, neglect, and child abuse both mental and physical. Another case is about elderly people in a residential home who were neglected and not given the care they deserved. The final case discussed is about...
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Use of Group Activities in Social Care Work

I will be providing a guide to group activities in a social care setting. This guide will examine the practical uses, benefits and also the reasons for using group activities in a social care setting. According to Coru their definition of social care is as follows: “Social care work is a relationship-based approach to the purposeful planning and provision of care, protection, psychosocial support and advocacy in partnership with vulnerable individuals and groups who experience marginalisation, disadvantage or special needs”...
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